Wednesday, February 25, 2009


JcPenney $5 off reward code plus $10 coupon code = $15 off any $15 or more purchase
Usually it is $10 off 50 or $15 off $75, but now you can just get $15 and this is an example of what you could get JC Penney is offering a $5 off $5 or more coupon valid for online and in-store purchases when you sign up for JC Penney Rewards using source code 3080 or 3050 or 3008.

You will be prompted to register a credit card, which is required to earn future rewards, HOWEVER, it's not required to get the $5 certificate and so HERE’S the little trick, after signing up you don’t have to register your credit card. When it prompts you to register your credit card just log out and then back into your account or hit the back button, you will see your rewards on the right and a prompt that says click here to get access to your $5 certificate. Click on the link and then copy the reward code and serial number

When you go to check out there will be 2 codes. Where it says coupon code, type in REWARD and you get $10 off your purchase. Then type in the reward code and serial number from above to get the $5 off your purchase.

I got the white Izod Cardigan Sweater that my daughter always need for school/church/restaurants/etc. regularly $30, but after discount $1.99. The only thing is that you get zinged on shipping for $5.95 or you can pick up at a JC Penney near you for $4.50 So it makes it a $7-$8.60. You can also get it monogrammed for $5 (I think that was how much it was) in whatever color thread and style.

I also went in again and my daughter a $11.99 item and the checkout let me use the $10 REWARD code again so I got it for $1.99 plus tax and shipping total $8.60. Now this may not be the best deal b/c of shipping but hey I didn’t have to go anywhere or get out of my bed to get it!!

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