Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Coupon Inserts Explanation Using Pringles

15 cans of Pringles for $5.25
A friend of mine asked me where do you get all your coupons. Here is the answer.........
From the Sunday or Wednesday paper, home mailers, the internet, downloads to grocery card and magazines.
The 3 main resources I use are the Sunday paper , internet printables and downloads to my grocery card (yes, you can actually load coupons from the internet to your Kroger Plus and Randall's card)
First thing to know is that I buy multiple papers (at least 3) because that is how you can get the biggest bang for your buck. I have one delivered to the house b/c it is less expensive than purchasing at the store. The .99 also carries the Sunday paper for .99 which costs $1.75 at other grocery/pharmacy stores.
The 3 most common coupon inserts that I use from the paper are:
  • Red Plum (RP)
  • Smart Source (SS)
  • Proctor & Gamble (PG)

An example of when I post and list what I bought and for how much is the pringles purchase from Walgreens that I got a couple of weeks ago. (thanks to zoey'smom)

On 2/22 Pringle cans were on clearance for .45/can
Used .30/3 MQ 2/8 PG (This means I used .30 off 3 cans manufacturer coupon from the 2/8 Proctor & Gamble insert from your Sunday paper)

So I got 16 cans using (5) .30/3 MQs for $5.60. (Purchased 1 extra as a throw-in for the register reward) Used a $3.00 Register reward

Final Cost = 2.60 plus tax

Hope this helps answer your question regarding where and what coupons I use


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