Tuesday, March 31, 2009

CVS Reinventing Beauty Magazine with Coupons Inside.

I found those hard to come by Reinventing Beauty Magazines in the pharmacy area at our CVS today. Here's the coupons you can find inside the new issue with Jennifer Anniston on it:

EXPIRE 6/30/2009
1.oo off any one Roto V Ice Drops, Oxy Max Pads 90ct, Max Wash, Clear Spot Treatment or Senstive Treatment, Softlips Lip Balm (all on 1 coupon)
1.00 off Hershey Bliss
2.00 off Skin Effect
s1.00 off Fruitopia Shampoo
$2.00 off Christophe
$2.00 off Veet
$2.00 off 24-7
$1.00 off Viologie Shampoo
$2.00 off Softsoap ensembles there are 2 different ones of these
$1.00 off any Blade products
$1.00 off Vickery & Clarkes
$1.50 off Softsoap Scrub Body wash
$1.50 off Irish Spring Scurb or Conditioning Hair or Body Wash

EXPIRE 7/31/09
$1.00 off Smooth Away hair removal

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