Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Discount Book Site Tip from My Mom

My mother sent me an email telling me that I had to share the great deal she got on her recent book purchase. She wanted a cookbook created and published from the Build A Better Burger contest (just so everyone knows, my friends, family and I think my mom is the biggest and best cook in Texas).

The cookbook, Build a Better Burger, costs 17.95 on their website. She uses a website that has both new and used books at riduculously low prices, Alibris. On the site she found a new copy of Build a Better Burger for 1.99 plus shipping. Shipping was 3.99, but she found a coupon for $1 off (you can use the coupon code BOOGIE right now to receive $1 off your order).

She ended up getting her $17.95 cookbook for a little over $5.00!!

Way to go MOM!!!! Now that's cookin savings!

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