Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Johnson & Johnson Deal Baby Basket

I have received a lot of emails asking how did I use the Walgreen's Johnson & Johnson deal for my sister-in-laws baby shower basket and an example of what cute outfits I got for her at the 50% off 50% at Chocolate Soup (which my friend, Anne told me that she cleaned out size 6 for her daughter after she read SWCC post) so I took a pic of her Coupon basket we put together and one of the super cute outfits.

Basket total cost after coupons and register rewards = ..........................$18.00. Each outfit averaged $12. The outfits were precious!!!! Forgot how much fun shopping for little newborns was!!! Also, I made a Mommy Hospital Bag with toiletries for her stay (total cost = $0!, they were all Southwest Coupon Clipper Freebies after coupons!!)

Basket = $18.00, Outfits = $77, Mommy Hospital Bag = $0 (so my friend Gracia and I each spent around $50/each)

Sister-in-law having first baby and seeing the smile on her face opening the gifts - PRICELESS!

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