Monday, March 2, 2009

.99 Store Sells Produce!

I told my children if they were good all weekend that they would get to go to the toy store. They quickly reminded me of that when I picked them up from school today. So I took them to the .99c store to pick out a toy. While we there, I remembered my friend Shannon telling me that she just found out that the .99c store has produce and what a great deal it is. katycouponers just recently wrote about her successful trip to the .99c store as well. So I checked out the back of the store and this is what I found:

Lettuce, onion, roma tomatoes, sweet grape tomatoes, head of romaine lettuce, 12 plums, frozen waffles, 2 bags of frozen corn on the cob, 8 roma tomatoes, bag of popsicles, green onions, green apples & red apples

We had grilled chicken, salad, corn and sliced apples for dinner tonight. I admit that the produce was great, but don't think I'll buy the corn again (wasn't a big fan and fresh is much better or green giant frozen steamers with butter sauce)
Total Cost $14.17

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