Thursday, March 5, 2009

Loving Walgreens Register Rewards!!!!

Spent 7.87, Saved 82.23, Recieved $10 worth of Register Rewards
Profit $2.13

I was in a big hurry today and didn't really think the transactions out fully, but still was a great deal. Here's what I did
1st Transaction
(3)JJ Baby Oil 3.21
(2) Baby Lotion 3.36
(2) Body Wash 3.36
(1) Baby Shampoo 3.36
-(2) 3/3 MQ(Cashier had 2 and applied)
- 2/2 MQ
-5 MFQ (from Walgreens Coloring/Activity Book - our store is loaded with them!)
-8 Register Reward from Blinks Transaction

Final First Transaction Cost $6.95, Plus $10 Register Reward
Profit 3.05

**** I could of subtracted $3.00 more if I would have gotten the baby oil/lotion instead of the wash, but I am making a gift basket for my sister-in-law's baby shower and wanted to have all varieties for it. So If you stick to the just oil/lotion total would have been 3.95 with $10 RR!!

2nd Transaction
Dove soaps .1.59
-1.20 from using in store ad Q which makes them .99/each
6 Dove deodorants 1.59
- (2) 1.50 MQ from walgreen catalina printout
-1.50 MQ RP
2 Pantene 2.99/each (Here's where I wasn't thinking, my total was around 4.50 and my register reward was $10 so rather than make more of a deal, I just said I'll take 2 of those)
-10 Register Reward from Transaction #1

Final Second Transaction Cost = .29 Plus $10 Register Reward

3rd Transaction
2 Chex Mix (my kids and husband love)
-.50 MQ
2 20 oz Cokes 1.25/each
-1.39 IP from MyCokeRewards enter 100869373819 to get a BOGO 20-oz. valid at Walgreens.
thanks dealseekingmom
Vaseline Lotion 2.69
-1.39 mq
(2) Reynold's Wrap .89 (rain check from last week)
-1.00 MQ corrected down to .89 =FREE
Angel Soft 1.89
-.55 MQ
Tic Tac .99
(3) Children's Pepto Reg $5.49 on sale for $1.39 (FYI -They were not marked down and I had to ask for them to scan to verify sales price)
- $10 Register Reward from Transaction #2

Final Cost = .63 plus $10 Register Reward ($2 RR + $8 RR)


  1. Where do you get the coupon if you don't get the Sunday paper?

  2. The Sunday paper is a great source, but you can also print coupons from coupon websites such as the button located on the right of my blog or you can go to and they will give you a detailed list of where particular item coupons are in their coupon database. Wednesday's paper many times duplicates the inserts from Sunday's paper and they are .75 less expensive. Let me know if that helps or answers your question.