Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Walmart + Iams +Kitten Coupon = FREE

A friend told me that she read my IAMS kitten post and wanted to know if you could actually get kitten food for free.

Well I went today and this is what I got...................
(7) 2 lb. IAMS kitten food -4.87 = $34.09
- (7) -5/1 MQ from 3/1 P&G insert= $35.00 (.91 OVERAGE)
1 20 oz coke (not pictured) $1.38
Final Cost = .51 for coke and FREE KITTEN FOOD!

My original post stated that the sales cost was $5 for the 5lb. bag. That is not the case here in Houston. You will have to buy the 2 lb. at 4.87

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