Wednesday, April 22, 2009

CVS Freebie and Good Deal Quick Trip

Spent 5.28
Earned $6 in Extra Care Bucks!!
Saved 12.72 (41%)
Final Cost after ECB = FREE plus .72 Profit!

Okay, I know this is not an off the chart big savings, but look at it this way, last week I would have spent $5.28 on 1 deodorant and not earned any ECBs. Also, had I not forgotten my $10 ECB from yesterday then I it would have been a freebie run with some more goodies. Food for thought.

3 Adidas Deodorants - 4.99 on sale for $2.50 (earn $2 RR, limit 3)
- (3) $1 MQ from 4/5 RP
Final Cost = $4.50, but earned $6 ECBs!

2 Gold Emblem Chocolate Covered Bridge Mix - .99

-$2 ECB from scanning card at machine when I walked in
Final Cost = FREE plus .02 Money Maker

Tic Tacs - $1.00 on sale for .74


  1. Do you know if there a limit of ecb's you can get or use in one day?

  2. Most of the time, there is a limit on how many of an item you can buy per card which will generate ECBs. Usually it is somewhere between 1-5 and will be stated in small lettering underneath the deal in your ad.

    As for the Adidas Deodorant, $2 RR and it has a Limit 3. So if you buy 3 Adidas you receive $4 ECB, 3 $6 ECB, 4 on just the limti 3 of $6 ECB.

    I do not think there is a limit of how many ECBs you can use in a transaction. I have used MANY and never had a problem. Just as long as you buy enough items that add up to or over the ECB amount.

    ECBs do have an expiration date on them. About a week to 2 after issue.

    Hope that answers your question

  3. What do you mean when you say you scan your card when entering the store? I have noticed that on your Walgreen's and CVS comments. I am new to this whole thing and LOVE your site!

  4. At CVS there is a Price CHecker Scanner machine usually located near the front of the store in the middle aisle. It prints out coupons once a day. You will need a CVS card which costs nothing. To get one, just ask the cashier and she will give you the very short form to fill out. You will need this card to get special sales prices and ECBs.