Thursday, April 2, 2009

FREE Reams of Paper at Staples!!!!

Staples is selling reams of paper in old packaging style for $1 per ream after rebate.

Staples Printing Paper -$6.99 in stores (Buy 8)
-$10 off $50 from HERE (Staples honors competitor's coupons)
Final Cost = $45.92 plus tax

Rebate is for $5.99 per ream with no limit on the number. Click here and search for SKU 554638.

Final Cost after Rebate = -$2.00 Money Maker!!!

Product: Staples 8.5X11 Printing RM
Rebate reward: $5.99 Check per ream
Purchase dates: 03-15-2009 through 05-09-2009
Postmark date: 07-08-2009
Promotion: $5.99 Rebate on a Staples 8.5X11 Printing RM (SKU 554638) at Staples Stores Only

To submit for rebate online go to and follow the instructions.

thanks southernsavers!!!


  1. I called my local Staples and they don't have any...gave the mgr. the sku and said the closest one is 1960/Champion! ;-(

  2. I purchased mine at the Gessner/59 location yesterday. They pulled them from the back once I told them the sku# and were EXTREMELY nice!!!! You might want to try them. Hopefully, it is nearby you

  3. Called the 1960/Champions, but they are out. I called the 59/Gessner & Taylor St locations and was informed they both had it in stock. When I arrived at the Taylor St store, the system showed they had 100+ in stock, but they could not find them. They were very nice about the mix up-they even looked in the Copy Center for them. But none where there. Would assume same scenerio for 59/Gessner. Sorry!!

  4. You are right, the people at 59/Gessner are extremely polite. I do know that my salesman went in the back storage to pull the 8 reams I bought. They were using them to also make copies in their copier section. Sorry you were unable to snag you some.