Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Kroger Quick Trip Freebies

Paid $14.87
Saved $42.80
Savings = 65%
If you are running by Kroger's don't forget to pick up your freebies.
Helpful Hint - try not to take your children with you to grocery store to save money!
This is how you end up with strawberry syrup. The organic horizon strawberry was on manager special for $1.00/each, but my daughter locked and loaded on the Kroger strawberry mix and my son focused on blackberries. I was in a hurry and caved in. My kids are addicted to Boar's Head Honey Maple Ham which is pretty pricey. If I had bought it yesterday, I could have saved $2 when they had it on sale. Oh well, we are still pretty stocked on groceries, but I did a quick run for a salad tonight to go with ribs, crescent rolls and blackberries and picked up some freebies currently available.

6 Vitamin 10 water (2 not pictured) Great for kids for sports games - $1
- $1 MQ 4/5 SS
Final Cost = FREE

9 Stride gum - on sale 3/$2
- $2 MQ 3/22SS
Final Cost = FREE
(My daughter's softball coach joked and asked if I could bring the whole team free gum next game and with the Walgreen's Mentos purchase ----YES I CAN!)

3 Pace Pacante large jars - $3.19
-(3) $4.00 MQ from 1 in 20 wins game
Final cost = FREE plus .81 money maker
(I still have more coupons from winning 1 in 20 and smartsource printables which now have hit their limit)

Diet Dr. Pepper - 1.25
- $1.25 FREE MQ from here but no longer available
Final Cost = FREE

4 Blackberry cartons - 1.47 each

Orange Juice - $1.79

Boar's Head Honey Ham from deli- $7.55

2 Avocados - 2 @ .59 = $1.00

4 Roma Tomatoes (.99 lb) = .77

1 Head of Romaine Lettuce = 1.59 (not a great price, but in a huge hurry)

-1.50 Catalina Q from Kroger Pillsbury Deal last week


  1. What fabulous deals you find! I am trying to explain this whole thing to a friend and she asks where do you find your $2 and $3 coupons? We don't see those much in Aggieland. And thanks for leaving me a note. I'm glad to see I've found a fellow Ag!

  2. Hi Stephanie,
    I get most of my coupons from the sunday papers or internet printables. For instance, the Stride Bubble Gum $2 coupon was from Smart Source coupon Insert from the Sunday paper on March 22nd, therefore that is why I write
    - $2 MQ 3/22SS
    There are high dollar coupons out there in the paper and internet printable. I usually post them with links. So glad you are finding SWCC helpful. Thanks for spreading the word!!