Wednesday, April 29, 2009

A Little Light on Walgreens Coupon Policy or No Coupon Policy

Earlier I posted HERE about a Walgreens experience I had that turned out fine, but did end up with a phone to Corporate Customer Service and their explaination of what Walgreens honors and adjusts when it comes to coupons. Let me also state upfront that I LOVE WALGREENS!! I think with the Register Rewards they really have great savings!! Having said that.... Afterwards a reader of mine who has had not the best experience with Walgreens was so happy to hear about my conversation this morning with customer relations that she headed to Walgreens with coupons in hand ready to conquer the world of savings and FREEBIES and then..... BAM she gets an unfriendly coupon cashier plus manager and calls Corporate Customer Relations regarding overage and they said we will get back with you (which they will), but did not confirm what the Corporate Customer Service rep had told me earlier with regard to overages. I can understand the frustration because although my transactions have gone through, there has definitely been something in the air. This is the response I left in the comment section, but then I thought I should share it with everyone.

"Every cashier/manager at every store is different, some push through, some don't. Although, there is no OFFICIAL policy in writing (trust me we have all tried to get one) they do honor multiple manufacturer coupons and that is when the 800 number comes in handy while at the store and there should be no argument. On the overage and adjusting down is always a sticky one, but I have never had a problem with adjusting down (knock on wood). I have found a store and checkers I like and that are coupon friendly. That is the same situation at all drug/grocery stores. I do LOVE Walgreens, their managers and cashiers (just some more than others)! So I would stick with the ones you like and avoid the ones that tend to be a problem. My friend Beth had an issue with her Walgreens and after a few phone calls and corporate customer service intervention she has not had a problem since. Sorry for any problems you all have experienced, but don't let it be discouraging. Trust me patience pays off in BIG SAVINGS!!!!"

I then read another blogger's post on the subject and laughed out loud understanding what she meant. fabulesslyfrugal posted:
"If you are a beginning couponer do NOT expect a shopping trip like this. Expect to get a grumpy cashier. Expect to have half the hot items on your list out of stock. Expect a few coupons to beep every time, requiring an override, tying up the line and making your embarrassment grow. Expect to be harassed, overcharged, glared at. It happens, and probably will continue to happen, all the time. So celebrate an amazing shopping trip like this, but expect a few that will make you want to rip your hair out. I, for one, will not judge you if I see you in a crumpled heap in the back of the store, frazzled, frustrated, and crying alongside your wailing children. I've been there too. And I promise you this, although I have no cure for screaming children (FYI-I hear candy always helps), it does get easier."

Could have not blogged it better myself.


  1. I am new to couponing. I recently have had a not so great experience at walgreens. I am actaully thinking about just sticking with CVS and ban walgreens! I so understand the frustration.I went to walgreens on tuesday and try to do some of the transactions and the register kept beeping and they would not even adjust it! I went to 2 differnt(since one didnt have any of the sale items) walgreens and at both they messed up my transactions to where they needed to refund me some money, and lets just say they were NOT happy! Anyway Hope that helps. Thanks for hearing me out on my rant!

  2. Thanks for the encouragement with fabulesslyfrugal message. The other day I went in to buy the ecotrin, the cutter mosquito repellent, etc. and the cash register beeped I was told that I couldn't use the coupons, there was a long line behind me and I asked her if she could adjust the coupon down to the price. She immediately says in a loud voice that it was ILLEGAL and she would not do it. I was mortified and left the store and just paid the money.

    Enough about that I wanted to let you know about a deal at Walgreen’s. The same coupons you posted on Monday with the command clips you bought at CVS (there were 3 coupons on one page) the middle coupon for the command picture hanging strips are on sale at Walgreen’s for $1.69 and the coupon is for $1.50. I found one packet next to the picture frames in the office supplies aisle on sale. Then in the aisle where the home supplies stuff is I found the rest of the command clips and more of the picture hanging strips that did not say they were on sale, but they are. You must make sure that at the top left hand corner it says they are Medium 3M (Sku# 5113194927).