Monday, April 20, 2009

Randall's Living Well Promotion Spells Big Savings

Spent $4.01 &
Earned $24 in Catalinas
Saved $41.88 (90%)
$20.00 Profit after catalinas!!!

14 Ozarka 6pk. 700ml sport water - $1.99
- $1/2 Ozarka Catalina from HERE
2 Yo Plus yogurt - 2/$5
- (2) .50/1 Yo Plus MQ from 3/29 SS (0nly 1 doubled)
-(8) $2 Catalina from Bertolli transaction HERE
-$10 Catalina from Living Well Promotion HERE

Earned $10 Catalina from Living Well Promotion (click HERE for details)
Earned (7) $2 Catalinas from purchasing Ozarka (earn $2 for every 2 you buy)

Final Cost = $4.01 plus earned $24 in Catalinas = $20 Profit!!!

Thanks to zoeysmom for knowing where the water runs FREE!!!!


  1. Hi-I recently found your blog and love it. I want to take advantage of all the great deals you find. Should I expect to spend alot of money in the beginning? For example, your Ozarka Randalls deal. I don't have any of the catalinas, so I can't get the great deal. What do you suggest to get started?

  2. Hee hee--that's what the back of my car looks like, too, except our water is called Deer Park here. Thanks for linking up at Moneywise Moms!

  3. Southwest Coupon ClipperApril 21, 2009 at 4:59 PM

    Hi. Glad you love the blog. Hope it is helpful. You should not expect to spend a lot of money to catch up. Buy things that you normally need or buy on a weekly basis and especially in the Randall's/Tom Thumb scenario, there are so many items that you should be able to hit $30 pretty easily and earn your $10 catalina. Right now you could buy (4) 6pk. ozarka 700 ml for $2 each and get back $2 for every 2 bought so a total of $4 in catalinas. It does take a little time to start having catalinas to use for future purchases, but don't worry you will catch up quickly. You can refer to my post Walgreens with No Coupons from last week or the week before. That post is food for thought for a coupon newbie. Keep it up!