Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Speed Stick and Lady Speed Stick Clearanced at Walgreens!

Saved $28.72
Okay, so no Register Rewards just a bunch of FREEBIES using 1 $5 Register Reward. These were originally $3.59 on clearance for 2/$2. Now really a bunch of them were on clearance for .64/each, especially the lady speed stick, but they were ringing up $1.29 or 2/$2. The cashier had a problem with multiple coupons and the manager said well they don't ring up .64 and I don't know why they're marked this way and so on and so on. No sweat. I said okay let's just say 2/$2 and call it a day.

8 Speed Sticks - $1.00/each
-(4) .75/2 MQ from 4/26 SS
Final cost = $5

-$5 Register Reward from previous transaction here

Final Cost = FREE!


  1. Has this ever happened to you? I went to Walgreens last night right before they closed to get a few things. I bought the Got2be Hair item that was on sale with the RR deal. I
    used the coupon from your website and a 2 dollar RR. This wasn't the only item I bought. I also bought bread and the kids drink that was on clearance along with a few more items. There was plenty off money owed that was left over to absorb any overage.

    My problem is that once I got outside in my car, I then realized that I didn't get my 5 dollar RR. By this time they had locked their door for the night. I was mad that I didn't get my RR and knocked on the door. No one came to my rescue so I gave up and went home. I haven't gone back to fix the problem, but plan to once the rain stops. This has happened one other time when the register ran out of paper tape. Do you think I did something wrong or was it just a out of paper issue.

    Can you buy something with a RR and still get your new RR if the price is more (a lot more)then the item purchased. I was not trying to buy the same item with the RR, It was from their diaper RR promo? Please help, I need to know what you think happened.

    Thank you, your help is greatly appreciated.

  2. Okay, I thought my reply posted and just now realized that some have not been posting. I would call Catalina to see what the problem was - Maybe the machine was down or maybe you didn't purchase the correct item. Call 1-888-8coupons and give them (date, time, transaction number, etc. If everything is correct they will mail you the catalina.

    Absolutely, you can purchase a RR item with another RR as long as its not for the same manufacturer product

    Hope it work outs with the catalina. Let me know