Friday, April 24, 2009

Target Quick Trip 4-24

Spent $1.24 on Dr. Pepper
Got 8 Axe shower gels for FREE!!!
Saved $8.00
Will apply toward FREE ham/turkey HERE
Okay, I have alot of comments about confusion on overage, money makers, etc..... So after I dropped the kids off at school this morning, I headed over to Target to make a purchase to try and help explain a little better.
8 Axe trial sized shower gels - $.97/each (total 7.76)
- 8 Manufacturer Coupons (MQ) that I got from the April 5th Unilever Sunday newspaper insert (4/5 Unilever)
Final Cost = FREE plus .03 overage/money maker for each
So Final Cost for 8 = FREE plus .24 overage (.03 x 8)
To cover the overage because even though I say money maker that does not mean that they give me money back it means I made money on the item to be applied toward another item I want or need - I bought my morning coffee (a dr. pepper) - $1.39
8 Axe shower gels - FREE (and will apply toward FREE ham/turkey rebate HERE!)
Dr. Pepper - $1.39
-.24 overage/moneymaker from axe products
Final Transaction Cost = $1.15
Tax = .09
Total = $1.24
Some cashiers will not do overage on the coupon and will just need to adjust the price of the coupon down to the product cost to make that item FREE. If they say they can't do that then they do not know their coupon policy and ask for a supervisor.
I hope this example helps


  1. I need some advise.
    I went to Walgreens yesterday because my daughter has a report due so we need to get a special folder. Well, we were looking on the school/office supply isle & so many things were being clearenced out. So, needless to say when you have 3 teenagers these things do help.
    My daughter found a 5 subject notebook suppose to have been clearanced, but after we got home I realized I paid the full price for it. I didn't think of it when we were there because I was trying to hurry.
    Now, my question is this: Should I just take it back & get my money back or will they still give me what it was suppose to have been?
    It might have been in the wrong stop!

    Thanks, Leah

  2. How many papers (Sunday) a week do you buy?

  3. I have one delivered to the house, my mother in law and her bridge partners give me theirs and I get 2 from neighbors. If it is a good weekend insert of products I like and use I go to the .99 store. $5 can parlay into alot of savings. 6 seems to be the magic number for me, but alot of times I get more from others.

  4. Any store will adjust the price if it is on sale, you just need to show them the sale tag and make sure it is for the item you purchased and that someone did not accidentally pick it up from another place and set it down in the sale spot. All stores are very good about honoring their sales price if it rings up incorrectly. In fact, Kroger will reimburse you for the full price if it rings up incorrectly