Thursday, April 30, 2009

GREAT Deal at Walgreens on Batteries, Children's Motrin & Excedrin

Spent $1.44
Saved $62.40
Great Deal at Walgreens
Energizer 2 pk AA (located on wall near register)- reg. 3.99 on sale $1.09
-$1.00/1 MQ from 3/29 SS
-$1.00/1 MQ from 4/19 SS
Final Cost = .09!
(thanks zoey'smom!)

Other GREAT Sale Deals!
Children's Motrin 2 oz. oral suspension - on sale $1.39 - $1.79
-$1/1 HERE
-$2/2 MQ from 02-22-09 RP
Final Cost = .79!

Excedrin - on sale for $1.29
-$1 MQ from 3/1 SS
Final Cost = .29!
Remember every Walgreens has different prices on some sale items and clearances.


  1. What zip code did you use to get the motrin coupons?

  2. Just click where it says $1/1 HERE to print the coupon. It is not from It is from

  3. Thank you for reading my blog and for the link, it is much appreciated! I am also glad to find others are finding the batteries. You can never have too many batteries with hurricane season approaching!

  4. Wo! What mom doesn't need lots of batteries? Thanks for sharing all your deals.

  5. Do you make much money off of the ads on your blog? Do you participate in the surveys that promise to pay you?

  6. Thanks for the comment on my blog! I have been following your blog ever since you were on TV a few weeks ago. I have not quite got the couponing down,but I am slowly learning.

  7. I did one or two of the surveys and honestly have not done any since. The input detail on the blog, kids, school, sports and family and ventures I am associated with take pretty much all my spare time at the moment. I do print from, download from cellfire, shortcuts, pgeasver, subcribed to coolsavings, shop4freebies, freeflys and quality health etc.. The survey one is the only that I am not currently participating in.

  8. Thank you for the tip on the batteries. My walgreens did not have them marked down on the shelf, but i had them price check and bingo $1.09 ea. Is there any other way to find what they have on sale? I guess its just luck or wait for you to find it:)Also I was wondering if there is anything i can do about a Q that wont scan and the cashier types in # and they say its not in the database. It is the Q for the Cutter insect repellent.

  9. Hi, Can you please tell us the UPC on these batteries? I took a pack of AA batteries up to the register at it did not come up for this price. Maybe I grabbed the wrong ones. Thanks

  10. What zip code are you getting the batteries from? Ours said they were $2.59 not $1.09

  11. I bought them so far in 77024 and 77056 and 77019. They are the energizer Max 2 pk AA. One readers comment above says that they were not marked with the orange clearance tag $1.09 at her Walgreens, but when she price checked them they rang up $1.09. They were located on the main wall behind or to the left of the cash register. UPN 99810 and UPN 121053. Proof of Purchase 3980001546. Hope that helps

  12. I purchaed mine in the woodlands, at 242 and 45.