Saturday, April 11, 2009

Walgreens Savings without Coupons!!!!!

Okay, no pics, no prices, no match ups, just a simple example of how you too can start saving using Walgreens' Register Rewards as an example . I'm definitely teaching a coupon class as soon as I can get a location secured because after all the emails from SWCC readers, I understand in the beginning all the coupon lingo and ins and outs can seem time consuming, confusing and overwhelming. Just like anything else, there is a learning curve, but do not be discouraged it is not time consuming, you will quickly get the lingo (please refer to right side of blog with a list of coupon lingo) and you will start experiencing the great savings just like all the other coupon clippers. This simple savings example does not even have one clipped coupon!!!! Hey it's a start.

I have had the typical day just like any other family (sleep overs, breakfast, easter brunch grocery shopping, skinned knees, snacks, birthday gift shopping, lunch for the kids, new puppy visit at grandmas, baseball game and seriously it is already 6:00. Oh! and then the realization I had forgotten to buy Easter eggs and basket items for my children. So as I'm passing Walgreens and I'm on the way home to make dinner I think I will run in and even though it will kill me to not have one coupon, because I know all the savings inside, you gotta do what you gotta do.

I realize I am going to spend about $20 while inside since I have a time crunch and an unorganized shopping mission. So before I go and buy all the things I need for Easter for the kids, I remember all the Register Rewards currently available at Walgreens. For example, buy colgate advanced toothpaste, earn $3.50 register rewards, buy edge/skintimate shave gel and earn $3 Register Rewards, buy chapstick and earn $2.00 Register Rewards. All becoming FREE after Register Rewards. Currently, just that alone will earn me $8.50 toward my $20 Easter purchase and yes, I know before I receive alot of email comments, yes I do realize that I could have done Easter for less than $10 per child, but like I said this was last minute, no store in sight, quick stop by and it is what it is. So then if you duplicate this transaction then you now have $17 toward your Easter purchase.

So now I still buy the original $20 of last minute Easter items, but as a perk I also get 2 Colgate toothpastes, 2 chapsticks and 3 shave gels for FREE.

I know this is a short and sweet savings explaination, but hopefully it will help those just starting out at Walgreens understand how a little Register Reward can really add up to Amazing Savings!!!

Good Luck and let me know what savings you got this week in the comment section!

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  1. could you explain exactly what a register reward is at Walgreens? Thanks, Heidi