Monday, May 4, 2009

Walgreens Freebie Quick Trip 5-4

Spent .53
Saved $41.40

Look Mom! No Register Rewards, but GREAT SAVINGS!!! I couldn't help myself. Before I picked the kids up from school I had to run by Randalls because the had rung up my mother's ham incorrectly. I thought Walgreens is right there so why not? I will add these to end of year purse gift with the watch and bracelet that I snagged for my daughter HERE!

10 Rimmel Nail Polish - Reg. $3.49 - on sale - $.87
-(10) $1 MQ from 4/19 RP
Final Cost = FREE + $1.30 money maker!

Rimmel Volume Booster Lip Color - Reg. $6.99 - on sale - $1.79


  1. Wow ~ great Walgreens deal... way to go! I love your picture of stacked nail polish too! :)

  2. Was the nailpolish on clearance or what? I called my local WAGS and they don't have the Rimmel np on sale this week???

  3. The Rimmel nail polish is not on clearance. It is orange tagged on sale and is either in the makeup section or at one walgreens today I saw it near the cosmetic counter. If I only had more coupons!!!