Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Schwan $5 Coupon Code

Bomb pops were my ALL TIME FAVORITE popsicles growing up! You had to get them from the Ice Cream truck and just like every other child in America, I ran like lightning when I heard the music of the Ice Cream truck coming down our street. Nothing has changed since then except you can't buy them for a quarter like I did when I was little. Your looking at $1 for that same bomb pop from the same Ice Cream truck!
Good news though!! Right now at Schwan's , you can get $5 off any order with coupon code D5! Our friend uses Schwan's (food delivery service) regularly and she LOVES their products and service. After a heads up from Collin, I just ordered the following...

Pop Jr. Frozen Treats (18 ct)
-$5.19 (comes with 100% quality guarantee)
-$5 coupon code D5
+ $1 front door delivery charge
Final Cost = $1.19!
Scheduled Delivery Date - June 26
**You have the option to pay by credit card now or at the time of delivery**

That quantity, price and delivery beats store bought and ice cream truck prices anyday and everyday!

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