Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Getting a Lawn Meter can Save you Hundreds of Dollars!

My friend, Michelle told me that she recently realized that she had been paying sewer fees for the water she uses to water her lawn and operate her pool! For Michelle, that was approximately six times the amount of water that she actually uses in her house!

Shern-Min Chow with KHOU Channel 11 News got wind of Michelle's story and did a top story news segment based on how to save money and not throw it down the drain. You can Click Here for the full video and news story. A summary is below.

"In summary, if you are using a standard water meter, you pay a sewer fee for water you use, plus the water that goes down the drain. For many homeowners, most of their water never actually goes down the drain. Instead, it’s used to water their yard and other similar uses. But whether it goes down the drain or not, you are still charged the sewer rate. "

A lawn meter reads just outdoor usage and there is no sewer fee. Although it costs approximately $1,200 to $2,000 to purchase and install, it should pay for itself after 2 years. For long term home owners this could be a huge cost savings.

Another FYI, if you want a lawn meter, Houston homeowners must apply through the city.

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