Tuesday, June 16, 2009

New Exclusive Coupons Reloaded Up to Cellfire

Cellfire just released today new exclusive coupons to upload to your Kroger and Randall's Loyalty Cards!! Click HERE to start getting your EASY, NO HASSLE savings!!! You might forget your coupons, but your loyalty card won't!!!
Looks like it is a repeat of the last load (some oldies, but goodies). The new Coupons that you can start loading today are:

Lucky Charms Cereal, $0.55
Chex Mix Bars, $0.60
Chex Mix, $0.50
Romano's Macaroni Grill Dinner Kit, $1.00
Fiber One Bars, $0.40
Betty Crocker Fruit Snacks, $0.50/2
Fiber One Cereal, $0.55
Vaseline Lotion, $1.00
Yo-plus Yogurt, $1.00
Betty Crocker Warm Delights, $0.50
Yoplait Yogurt Cups or Smoothies, $0.50/6
Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mix, $0.75/2
Betty Crocker Frosting, $0.50
Hamburger, Tuna or Chicken Helper, $0.75/3

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