Friday, June 19, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Reloaded! 6-19

OldNavyWeekly reloaded their coupons again today. The high dollar $75 off $100 have already been snagged, but $30 off $100 (move dumbell to guy below in blue shirt) is still available and 25% off $50 (when you put guy doing push ups arm back on). 15% off entire purchase when you click on get their no-sweat style logo. Just go to and start clicking around to see what savings POPs UP! Let me know what you find and good luck hunting!
**Quick Summary Update

$75 off $100 - catch the running squirrel (good luck) GONE!

$50 off $100 - click the orange "eye candy" headline and vote for Eva GONE!

$30 off $100 - move the dumbbell to the guy in the blue muscle shirt

25% off $50 or more - attach the loose arm to the guy doing pushups

15% off - click orange "get no sweat style"

10% off - click in the video, near the end

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