Thursday, June 4, 2009

Over $30 Worth of Free Coupons at Fiesta!!!

If your headed to Fiesta or just passing by, you may want to make a quick stop to pick up their FREE Festival of Savings booklet with over $30 of valuable coupons inside. These are manufacturer coupons and can be used at other grocery stores like Kroger or Randalls which Double and Triple!!!!!
Coupons inside include:
.35¢ off 1 Smuckers Jam, Jelly, Preserves, or Fruit Spread
.35¢ off 1 Jif Peanut Butter
.35¢ off 1 Crisco oil
$1.00 off 2 Pillsbury cake mixes or frostings
.50¢ off Folgers coffee
.50¢ off Colgate toothpaste
$1.00 off Tide detergent
$1.25 off any Gillette Hair Care Product (still on sale at Walgreens for $1.59 making it only $.34!)
.55¢ off Duracell batteries
.25¢ off Zest bar soap
.25¢ off Joy diswashing liquid
$3.00 off Luvs diapers
.40¢ off Dawn dishwashing liquid
.50¢ off Gain detergent
.50¢ off Lawry's Season Salt or Garlic Salt
.30¢ off 1 6-pack off Coca-Cola in bottles
.25¢ off 1 gallon of Borden Milk
$1.00 off Sue Bee Honey
.75¢ off Adolphus Rice
$1.00 off 10 jars of Natures Goodness Baby Food
.55¢ off Mission Queso
.55¢ off Mission Tortilla Chips
.50¢ off Herdez Salsa
.50¢ off PineSol when you purchase Clorox
.50¢ off 1 jar of Ragu
$1.00 off All or Surf detergent
$1.00 off Hellman's Mayo
$1.00 off Slimfast


  1. At Fiesta in Pasadena/ South houston, the floor managers said it was for in store use only. The cashiers cut out all the coupons and keep them with their register. In the past i have been able to sneek one next to he lottery booth but they have been hiding them recently. Thanks for the tip though.

  2. Bummer for Pasadena! I was at a doctor's appt. on Main and stopped off at the Fiesta at Kirby and Main and they had them sitting by the front door by the weekly newspapers. Hopefully, other Fiestas are not hiding them. Thanks for letting me know