Monday, June 15, 2009

Randall's Coupon Policy on Internet Printables and Quick Trip 6-15

Spent $.80
Saved $29.59

Well, today was an eye opener at Randall's. The 10 item $5 off Mix-n-Match is going on and so I headed over to pick up some FREEBIES. I talked with an assistant manager about their coupon policy on the number of same product coupons they accepted. He said he didn't know and then went and found a customer service rep who said she did not know the answer, but that they accepted internet printable coupons. He then asked to see my coupons and we discussed per purchase and per transaction wording. I told him that I thought Randall's policy was up to 5 of same product coupons and he just agreed. When I went to check out it was a whole other story.
The self check out froze so the Head Customer Rep, Dillon, helped me at the register. He proceeded to tell me that coroporate had sent a message on their bulletin page last month in which all the employees had to sign off on. He said that the new policy for internet printed coupons is that they will only accept ONE coupon per product due to coupon fraud and people copying coupons. In addition, they will not accept any Internet printable which is over 50% of the value of the product. He also said that they will not accept any FREE product Internet printable coupons. He is getting a copy of the new policy for me because he said he could not find it when I asked to see the new policy. I was going to call corporate, but got to spend the rest of the afternoon at the ER with my daughter and her sliced finger thanks to a Sprite can. I will let everyone know what I find out regarding this "NEW" policy on Internet printables.
As for my quick trip - I went to pick up some Post Trail Mix Crunch that my husband and daughter LOVE to eat mixed with vanilla yogurt in the morning (thanks for the heads up zoey'smom). So here is the breakdown - they accepted my multiple internet printables since the assistant manager had just told me that they all were acceptable. You can view the complete list of Mix n Match items HERE

3 Post Trail Mix Crunch Cereals - $2.49
- (3) -$2 Printable
- (3) .50/1 Mix -n -Match
Final Cost = FREE plus -.01/each

2 Joint Juice - .99
-(2) $1/1 Printable
-(2) .50/1 Mix -n -Match
Final Cost = FREE plus .51 overage/each

3 Dry Idea Deodorant - 2.49
-(3) $2 Printable
-(3) .50/1 Mix -n -Match
Final Cost = FREE plus -.01/each

Snyder Pretzels - 2.29
- .50/1 Mix -n -Match
Final Cost = $1.79

Mrs. Baird's 7 grain wheat bread - $1.99
- .50/1 Mix -n -Match
Final Cost = $1.49
-.99 SC (not sure what that was for)
-.41 tax


  1. Not sure if they plan on updating the website with these changes, but I currently carry this policy with me for IP's and Randalls shopping:

    Good to see you got some Post Cereal too. I love this stuff!
    Also, the Digornio melts are part of the promo, there are $1 coupons out , and a try me free :)

  2. Looks like they have updated their website to reflect the changes