Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Target Deals 6/21-6/27 and Quick Trip

Spent $1.13
Saved $48.53
These were the deals at Target that looked good to me this week. For a more extensive list check out Ginger's post HERE. Also, as we all know Target is a hit or miss when it comes to cashiers/manager's and their understanding of Target's coupon policy of adjusting down and stacking target coupons with manufacturer's coupons.
When I was about to check out I asked the cashier, "Do you know how to adjust down coupons?" Her reply was, "No" so I moved to the next cashier and asked her if she knew how to adjust down. She said, "Yes." Alright, good deal. When I got home and looked over my receipt, I realized that she did not adjust down my coupons at all! She just pushed through the full amount of all the coupons, So I was over about $1.00 or so and that is why my total spent came to $1.13! That is when "Your Miles May Vary (YMMV)" comes into play. Good luck and remember to have Target's number (1-800-400-0680) handy in case you have any issues with your coupon purchases!

Eggo Frozen Bake Shop Muffins - $1.50
-$1/1 Bake Shop printable
Final Price = $0.50

Kashi Waffles - $1.99
-1.50 Printable
Final Cost = .49

Cottonelle Travel Size Wipes - $0.97/ea
-$1/1 in 6/7 SS
Final Price = FREE

Vaseline Aloe Fresh - $0.99/ea (travel size)
-$1/1 here or
-$1.25/1 in 5/17 RP
Final Price = FREE

Dawn Pure Essentials Soap - $2.49/ea
-$1.50/1 in 6/7 P&G insert stack with
-.50 Target MQ in 6/21RP
Final Price = $0.49/ea (thanks zoey'smom!)
Banana Boat Sunscreen (travel size) - .99
-$1.00 MQ in 5/3 RP
Final Cost = FREE
Dove Go Fresh Deodorant (travel size) - 97¢
-$1.25/1 MQ in 3/15 RP
Final Cost = FREE
Johnson & Johnson First Aid Kit - 99¢
-$1/1 MQ in 5/17 RP
Final Cost = FREE


  1. That is such a great idea, asking if they know how before you check out!!! I love it. I always wait till the end, and then end up frustrated, and either ruining their morning or mine!! You way is much easier, I cant believe I never thought of it myself! Thank you!

  2. Great idea! It's something we don't think we need to ask (really we shouldn't) but this is a pretty good way to get the desired or expected results.

    Thanks for linking to me!