Saturday, June 27, 2009

Target FREE Body Mist and Deodorant!!

Saved $23.30

UPDATE!!! I have recieved a couple of comments regarding the coupon stating EXCLUDES TRIAL SIZE. I looked and did not see it on my coupon. I then decided to double check again and DID NOT REALIZE and did not realize that yes it does say excludes trial size underneath the picture. I just read everything to the left and don't know how I missed that (twice)!! Even though the register accepts the coupon, I apologize for the wrong info! Hate when I think I found a great deal and miss the fine print.
There is a coupon in tomorrow's Red Plum insert (6/28 RP)for Buy one Dove Deodorant, Get One Body Mist FREE up to $6.00. Well, I could not find the larger bottles of body mist, but did find the smaller ones for $3.69 sitting right next to the larger size deodorants. The great deal is that the trial size deodorants work on the deal also.


5 Dove Go Fresh Deodorant (travel size) - 97¢
-(5) $1.25/1 MQ in 3/15 RP (coupon adjusted down)
Final Cost = FREE

5 Dove Body Mists - (right next to deodorant) - $3.69
-(5) B1G1 Dove Body Mists in 6/28 RP
Final Cost = FREE

***MAKE SURE YOU GIVE THE B1G1 (buy one get one) FREE coupon FIRST!!!!
before you give the Dove deodorant coupon or it will apply the discount incorrectly and make it a hassle to correct for everyone!
What a FRESH FREE Deal!!
Check out Ginger's post here for more coupon matchups this week!


  1. 2 questions: My coupon says "Travel size excluded", so how do you get around this one, or are there different coupons out there? Also, how do you use multiple times? I have always wondered but never asked. I am really trying to get the hang of this but a little confused. Thanks in advance.

  2. Hi Simmons - I'm not sure where you live, but I live in Houston. My coupon for the body mist says, "Buy any ONE (1) Dove deodorant and get a Dove body mist FREE (up to $6.00)Maybe it is regional. The deodorant coupon was the same (no size exclusions) That has happened to me multiple times where everyone else is getting all these great deals, but we didn't get the same coupons here in houston.

    With regards to multiple coupons. I have multiple papers. I buy them using Register rewards, ECBs, but mostly from the 99 cent store since they are only $1.00. I buy in multiples of 3 due to my Kroger's coupon policy. If it is a great insert, I usually get 9 for the week. $36/month pays off in 1 grocery store visit.
    Let me know if that helps

  3. Thanks, this does help a bunch! The multiple papers make sense. I am in College Station, and I know they have changed/cut back our coupons. I may have to invest in a Houston Chronicle instead.

  4. I am in Houston too but my free body mist coupons exclude trial sizes. Also, my $1.25 deod. coupon was for a different type than the trail size.