Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Frugal Fantastic Leftover Conversion Meals!

Well once again, on vacation WITHOUT ANY COUPONS!! So how do I stretch that grocery dollar while we're away! One way is eating-in and eating leftovers! I LOVE leftovers! My family DOES NOT. So how do I make the most of it with my nose turned up leftover family? So how can I serve a well rounded meal and not waste food? Well, with the help of some great recipe blogs I was able to make 2 great leftover meals into 2 fantastic additional meals for 6 people!

Steak with Salad, Broccoli and Fresh Corn on the Cob

Baked Chile Cheese Parmesan Chicken (easy recipe from my friend Lanette!)
Flatten Chicken breast, dip in melted butter, then dip in breading (crushed crackers, Parmesan, season salt and pepper) Sprinkle with Monterrey jack cheese and green chiles, roll and top with more cheese and chile. Place in casserole dish and drizzle remaining butter on top ( I didn't put any chiles in the children's). Bake in oven for 35 minutes at 350. Serve with rice and black beans

Here's the leftovers from Saturday and Sunday: 1 Large Steak, some broccoli, 1 Very Large Baked Chile Cheese Chicken Breast, Rice and 2 Corn on the Cobs
I love reading cooking blogs for meal ideas and just-cook-already is one of my favorites!!
She had two fantastic recipes that I realized I could use to trick my family into leftovers without them realizing they were actually eating leftovers!! It only took no time at all to make both recipes and here is how it went.......
I used the leftover Baked Chile Cheese Chicken Breast, Monterrey Jack Cheese and 2 Corn on the Cobs and made just-cook-already's Creamy Tortilla Soup HERE! Everyone LOVED IT, especially topped with avocadoes slices, a little dab of sour cream, cheese and tortilla chip strips!!!! A little spicy for the kids with the rotel and a little green chiles so................

I used the leftover Steak, Broccoli and Rice to make just-cook-already's beef and snowpea recipe here and just substituted broccoli for the snow peas for the kids. My children LOVED IT!!

Each recipe was easy and took hardly no time at all to make. Thanks just-cook-already!
Also, my mother-in-law a while back told me to just make spaghetti sauce with leftover meatloaf by adding my favorite sauce, a couple spices and freezing it for later!! Loved that idea!!!

So remember, even without coupons you can be creative and stretch that grocery dollar into great delicious meals!! Let me know your best leftover conversion meal!
P.S. other cooking blogs of interest: fakeginger ; chocolateshavings; colieskitchen

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