Sunday, July 5, 2009

Old Navy Weekly Update

Old Navy Weekly High Dollar coupons once again went quick and are all gone, but there are still some other great coupons to click on and snag if your heading over to Old Navy this week. The locations for July 3rd were the following:

$65 off $100 - Place the light flower from the basket in the hair of the girl with the blue shirt. Click the camera to snap a photo, and then click on the flower in the photo (GONE)

$45 off $100 - Put the 3 flowers in the girls' hair. A flower for each girl on the right (one for the little girl holding the lollipop, one for the girl in the blue shirt and one for the girl in the purple shirt with flowers. (GONE).

$20 off $100 - Click somewhere in the video (locations change)

$15 off $75 or more - put keys in Eva's pocket in cargo pants

$10 off $50 - put the open compact, the keychain & the pink coin purse in the striped tote

10% off a Rec Tech item- click on the lollipop in the girl's hand

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