Sunday, July 26, 2009

Walgreens Freebies 7/26

Here are some more FREEbies you can snag at Walgreens thanks to commonsensewithmoney!

Mars Candy -$0.49 each (after in-ad coupon)
-$1/2 MQ from 7/26 RP insert (cashier can adjust now)
Final Cost = FREE plus overage
**hand the manufacturer coupon first and then in-ad to avoid beeping at the register**

Scotch Bubble Mailer -$0.39 each
- $0.50/1 MQ from 7/26 RP
Final Cost = FREE
If you have a nice Walgreens cashier, then they will adjust the coupon down, if not...
Buy 4
4 Scotch Bubble Mailer = $1.56
-(3) $0.50/1 MQs from the 7/26 RP
Final cost = $0.06 for 4 bubble mailers!


  1. Ok, random question on the candy-could you use the $1/2 coupon in combination with the free chocolate coupon? Like, could you pay for one of the candy bars with the free chocolate coupon, pay for the other with the $1/2, and then end up with more overage?

  2. Hi Bethany -
    If you bought 3 candy bars and used one free chocolate coupon and (1) $1/2 coupon and you had a really really nice cashier, you could have more overage. Just make sure you have items to cover the overage and if the coupon beeps and you have a not so coupon friendly cashier get ready for a hassle. I wouldn't want you to lose a free coupon when the candy bars are priced pretty low right now. You can not buy 2 candy bars and use the free coupon on one and $1/2 on the other, you would need to purchase 3 candy bars because of the $1/2
    Great question and scenario!