Monday, September 28, 2009

Birthday Bonanza of Savings at Randall's! with Profit in the End

Spent $7.43
Saved $121.33
Earned 10.00 oyno!
Profit $2.57

Okay so I posted the Joint Juice deal HERE the other day and had not gotten around to going to Randall's. Then I got a heads up on how to sweeten the deal by Stephanie HERE. It is my birthday and I thought that I would pass on all the savings today until I remembered that I had a rain check at Randall's for joint juice (.80/each) and it expired TOMORROW!(how lucky is that ) Also, so I don't get a lot of angry emails thinking I wiped out the store. The stocker told me that they had more cases in the back. To be honest this deal is so awesome I probably would have shopped at Randall's all day, but I had to meet some friends for my bday luncheon.

I don't have a lot of time to enter the fruit, veggies, frozen veggies, steaks and chicken breasts (all the meat had 30% off peelies on them), but this is how the joint juice helped reduce my bill.

Transaction 1
Buy 2 joint juice - $1.39 (MY KIDS LOVE THIS JUICE!)
- B1G1 printable (-1.39)
Final Cost = $1.50, but earned a $5.00 off 7 joint juice catalina

Transaction 2
Buy 8 joint juice - $1.39 adjusted down to $.80 rain check price
- B1G1 printable (-1.39)
-$5.00 off 7 catalina
Final Cost = .40, plus earned $5.00 off 7 catalina AND a $10 oyno catalina!

Transaction 3
Buy 7 joint juice - $1.39/each
-$5.00 off 7 catalina
-10.00 catalina
Final Cost = FREE with a $-5.27 credit to be used for anything
Final Cost for each transaction = varied from $.02 - $3.40(the ribeye steaks)

I repeated Transaction 3 five more times to get 52 joint juices and lots of overage! With $5.27 overage on each on the next 5 transactions I was able to buy 2 packages of chicken breasts, pkg. of 3 ribeye steaks, 5 apples, 2 cartons of strawberries, 5 bananas, green onions, celery, romaine lettuce, cream cheese, del monte fruit snack, 2 organic milks, 4 frozen edamame, 3 red onions and 2lbs. of broccoli.
So overall paid $7.43 for all of that and earned a $10.00 catalina
Final Cost after Catalina = $2.57 Profit
thanks Katycouponer for the heads up on only having to buy juices to jump start the $5 off 7 catalina deal!


  1. Hope you have a great Birthday.

  2. Do you know how long this deal will be going on? AND Happy B-Day!

  3. Hi Mariah,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. The catalina deal is said to last Between 9/21 & 10/18. So plenty of time left to snag the savings!

  4. Happy Birthday and WOW, you did AWESOME. I hope to find more this week :)

  5. I can't find the Joint Juice anywhere. All the stores around me have been wiped out. It's such a good deal, so I completely understand.

  6. Hi Sheila,
    What's great about the joint juice deal is that it is said to last until the 18th!!! So plenty of time for them to restock and you to snag some and match up with other sales going on in the store. Good Luck! and let me know if you find any