Friday, October 2, 2009

Cheap Cheap Tide & Tide HE Detergent at CVS

$1.36/each after ECB!!!
Saved $25.20!
Everyone knows how expensive High Efficiency detergent is for your washer. Well, right now when you buy 4 Tide detergents and 1 other P&G product you earn $10 in ECBS!!! My friend wanted to see exactly how it works so she went with me to her local CVS and this is how it turned out.
4 Tide HE - 8.99 on sale for $6/each
-(4) $1.00/1 Tide MQ from 9/27 PG
Final Cost = $20.00 or $$5.00/each
1 Dawn - $1.99 on sale for $1
-.25 MQ from 9/27 PG
Final Cost = .75 ¢
-$5 off $25 CVS printable HERE
-$3 ECB from one of her transactions last week
Total = $12.75
Tax = 1.05
Final Total = $13.80, but earned a $10 ECB for purchasing $25 worth of participating PG products
Final Total after ECB = $6.80!
Now that's not bad for 4 HE laundry detergents!!!


  1. Wouldn't it really be $6.80? If you are subtracting the $10 ecb she earned, don't you also need to add back in the $3 ecb she spent?

  2. Anon - Your right. Thankss much for letting me know. I will update the post. Still a great deal this week on HE detergent at CVS with ECBs!