Tuesday, October 20, 2009

FREE Pillsbury Grands Jr. at Kroger!

Profit $0.03
Saved $18.00

This is a little late in the evening for a last minute deal, but my son got bit by a dog last week and I needed some anbesol for his lip where the wound was healing. I just had a few minutes and when I was checking out I remember the pillsbury deal going on right now at Krogers so I went and grabbed 3 biscuits. What was great is that there was a blinkie right there with $1.00/3 pillsbury products. The small pillsbury grands jr. golden layers are on sale for $0.99. So I took 7 blinkies and did these transactions.
3 Pillsbury Grands Jr. - $.99 each
-$1.00/3 blinkie
Final Cost = $1.97, but earn a $2 oyno catalina

Transaction 2,3,4,5 and 6
3 Pillsbury Grands Jr. - $.99 each
-$1.00/3 blinkie
-$2.00 catalina from previous transaction
.03 groc/groc tax (this was added by the cashier so I would not be negative)
Final Cost = FREE, plus earn a $2 oyno catalina
I could have kept going, but I was in a hurry and needed to get back home to my son.

So oop = -$1.97 plus $2 oyno
Final Cost = PROFIT $0.03! LOVE those biscuits!!

Also, to make the deal an even bigger money maker, Download Cellfire $0.40/2 HERE and Shortcuts $0.30/2 HERE to your loyalty card.


  1. The loadables do not work on the .99 Grands Jrs, trust me, I tried, lol :)

  2. Wow you ladies are awesome, thank you for alerting us to these deals!

    I might try this one if my freezer wasn't stuffed so full already!

  3. i tried this tonight at my kroger in houston, and the catalinas didn't print out. i even bought two sets of three just to make sure. sadness :-(. i paid using free gift cards, but still, i wouldn't have actually paid for these without the prospect of the catalina. i'll try again tomorrow, and if it still doesn't work, oh well.

  4. Hi Amy,
    I am so sorry the catalina did not print for you. You need to call the catalina company and give them your receipt number. The catalina deal I did was at the Kroger at San Felipe and Voss and on the actual product display it states:

    Starting 10/5-11/1. Participating products include: crescents, cookies, sweet rolls, grands, pizza crust and breadsticks.

    Buy (3) & Get $2 OYNO
    Buy (4) & Get $2.50 OYNO
    Buy (5) or more & Get $3 OYNO

    Usually, the catalina deals are standard, but I I just read another post which stated:
    Buy any Pillsbury Refrigerated baked goods between 10/5 & 11/1

    Buy 4 get $2
    Buy 5 get $3
    Buy 6 or more get $4 OYNO

    All items must be purchased in one shopping order. Limit to product in stock. No cash back. Expires 11/1.

    I'm so sorry your catalina did not print out. If you call the catalina company at 1-888-826-8766 they should be able to correct the mistake.

  5. Well I decided to go ahead and do this deal after all just for 3 biscuits, and since you're the one who alerted me to this deal, I thought I'd post here the additional results of my AWESOME Kroger trip for 7 items tonight!

    First I did buy the 3 grand jr. biscuits and the $2 cat printed, no problem.

    In addition, I saw that they had the Febreze Noticeables starter kit on sale for $5.99! I used my $4 paper MQ along with the $3 P&G EQ and I got $1.01 OVERAGE!!!

    Also I needed lunchmeat so I went to that section and they had the Land of Frost Deli thin 10 oz. packages on sale 2/$4. That's a decent price so I started to grab a few when I noticed that some had .45 peelies on them! So I grabbed 3 packages of the smoked turkey, the peelies doubled, making them $1.10 each!!!

    My entire transaction cost me $4.18 since my sales tax was a -.08 (I have never figured out why they sometimes actually PAY you sales tax sometimes, I noticed Randall's did the same thing when I bought the Febreze there last night for $6.99.)

    So after the $2 cat I actually only paid $2.18.

    (Furthermore since I paid with my Discover More credit card which is giving 5% cash back on groceries right now, so I earned back an additional .21 or so actually making my OOP more like $1.97. LOL)

    Also it seemed like a ton of cats printed out during the transaction, including store Q's for .25 off Kroger saltines and .50 off a Big K cola 12-pack. Do you know if these Q's are doubled/tripled?

    What a fun trip!! Thanks again for the alert!

  6. qrazy guy,
    What an AWESOME trip. Thanks so much for sharing! Love the Febreze Noticable deal!

    Okay, I never thought about the catalina coupons doubling. I would think if they were manufacturer or store catalina coupons they would double or triple unless the catalina coupon specifically "Do Not Double" so that is a great question. I have read at hotcouponworld that catalina coupons for .XX/X do not double/triple when they start with 99.

    Once again thanks for sharing!!!

  7. Hi SCC, I'm glad I could help since I so appreciate the deal alerts you post here. Hope you're able to take advantage of the Febreze, I really like those, ever since I started couponing my house smells great now, lol.

    I noticed that ALL the Kroger cats say "not subject to doubling" on the top right corner, regardless if they are store or manufacture Q's, or cents off Q's, or OYNO Q's. I looked at the UPC codes and the manufacture start with 99 but the store Q's have a totally different look and format with a smaller bar code which starts with a 1.

    I know the saltines are only about $1 each, so the .25 tripled would make a great deal, and I believe the Kroger brand soda 12-packs are about $2? I'll give it a try and see how it works!

  8. The Pillsbury Jr.'s worked for me too!! Thanks for posting!