Monday, October 26, 2009

When and What to Stockpile During the Year

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To Stockpile or Not to Stockpile? That is the question.

So a lot of people ask me if I have a price book and keep track of what I buy and when I bought it so I know what the "rock bottom price" is to start "STOCKPILING" an item. My answer is "No, I do not have a price book." I know that is definitely not super couponing style, but I pretty much have an internal register of how much I'll pay for something and when I think it is a great deal.

If you saw the news video I did Here on KHOU, you will notice that I spent "A LOT" on groceries before I started couponing. The story was not just about using coupons though. It was about being a smarter shopper. There are so many savings you can snag just by being a bit more organized and paying attention to store sales, loadable coupon sites such as Cellfire and Shortcuts, coupon match ups, printable coupons, etc.. and yes, STOCKPILING!

My friend who started couponing around the same time with me just said the other day that she still thinks about how much money she use to spend at the grocery/retail stores and cringes at the thought of all the money she wasted!!

She and I are now both aware that grocery store sales are cyclical and that there are definitely certain times of the year that some things are priced lower. What does that mean? It means that it's time to STOCKPILE!

Like I said, I have an internal mental register of what I think is a good price to buy an item, but a friend of mine emailed me this list she saw and when she thinks the best times are to stockpile.
  • January - Party items, sodas, chips, diet items and paper plates
  • March - Cleaning supplies and frozen food
  • May - Mexican food and Mexican condiments
  • June/July - Condiments (mayo, mustard, ketchup, bbq sauce, marinade), marinades, napkins, paper plates, plastic cups, popsicles, ice cream and frozen treats
  • August -Back to school supplies
  • Oct - Dec - Baking supplies, flour, sugar, chocolate, shortening, Holiday items and treats (candy, ham, turkey, pie, etc..)
What do you think of her list and what do you think is a great item to stockpile and when?

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