Thursday, December 10, 2009

Randall's Quick Trip and Nabisco Cracker Money Maker 12/10

FREE plus
$0.14 Money Maker after MIR!!!
Saved $28.14

I told you about the Nabisco MIR and Randall's deal earlier HERE. Well, I needed my morning Starbucks so I decided to head on over to Randall's Flagship to snag this cracker deal and knock out two birds with one stone while I got my coffee.

This deal is definitely a larger money maker depending on what crackers you prefer and if you have any of the $1/1 MQ from the 11/8 SS coupon ( I had already used mine)

Transaction 1
2 Cheese Nips - $1.99/each
3 NBC Fiber Select - $2.49
4 Macaroni & Cheese crackers - $1.99
1 Artisan - $2.49
-(5) $1.00/2 printables (can only print 2 coupons per printer)
-(2) $5.00 off 5 in-store promotion when you scan your loyalty card
Final Cost = $6.90

Transaction 2
Grande Starbucks - 2.54

Total Randall's Trip Cost = 9.44, but will mail in rebate (.42 stamp) for buy 10 nabisco promotion to receive $10 back HERE. I just received my other nabisco rebate yesterday and it only took 2 1/2 weeks to process!

Final Cost after MIR = FREE plus $0.14 profit!

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