Thursday, January 7, 2010

Kroger $1 Deal on Special K Cereal Bars, Milk, Eggs & Bread

All For $1.00 after MIR

Of course we all know how much my Special K cereal bars are BIG in the SWCC family (as shown HERE today and HERE yesterday). So on the way home from my daughter's basketball game last night I stopped and took advantage of the Kroger deal when you buy 3 kellogg' s participating breakfast items. My children drink organic milk (per my pediatrician's suggestion) and wheat bread, but my husband and I drink regular 2% milk and white bread is fine, especially when it is FREE!

Special K cereal Bars - 3/$7.00
When you buy 3 you can get for FREE a $7.77 value:

  • 1 dozen Kroger eggs
  • 1 Gallon Kroger milk
  • Kroger bread
  • Kroger gravy (I passed on that)


6 boxes of Special K cereal bars - 3/$7.00
-(3) $1.00/2 MQ from 1/3 SS
Final Cost = $11.00, but earned the following and will send off for $10 MIR

  • 2 Free gallons Kroger milk
  • 2 dozen Kroger eggs
  • 2 loaves of Kroger bread
  • 2 kroger gravy (passed on that)

What is great about this deal is that send 5 Special K tokens and official order form printed inside the box of specially marked Special K cereal bar packages to receive a $10 voucher you can use toward the purchase of a new pair of jeans. I have been told that this $10 is in the form of a check that "CAN" be used to buy a slimmer pair of jeans or anything else. We will see. If so, then that after the MIR you will have spent $1.00 for 6 boxes of cereal bars, 2 gallons of milk, 2 dozen eggs and 2 loaves of bread. That's a pretty cheap breakfast for days!

Let me know if anyone has received their MIR yet.

You could also choose to have Kellogg's donate your $10 to the United Way instead.

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