Tuesday, April 21, 2009

CVS Deal 4/21

Spent $4.58 but Earned $10 ECB
Saved $106.05
Final Cost After ECBS = $5.42 Profit!!

***UPDATE*** If your CVS is sold out of the Dove skin Vitalizer then ask them to give you a rain check!! They will ask if it is in the flyer and tell them no so they will want to know the sales price or will have to go look to verify. Then you can use your coupon once they get them back in stock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
5 Dove skin vitalizer - originally 12.99 on sale for $4
-$3.50 dove skinvitalizer from HERE
- (5) $3.50 dove skinvitalizer 3/15 rp
Final Cost = .50/each

3 Aveeno Positively Ageless Sunblock Spray w/bonus SPF 15 Lip Balm- $9.00/each
-$10/3 Internet Printable or click HERE or picture below for $2/1
-$5/$25 CVS CRT (scanned card when I entered the store)
Final Cost = $4/each and 3 free lip conditioners, But earn $10 ECB!!

2 Reinventing Beauty Magazines (I just realized that I bought 2 old Reinventing Magazines and the coupons are all expired!!! How funny) -.99/each

2 CVS Essential Glow Moisturizers - originally $5.49 on sale for .55/each
-$2 CVS CRT off $10 worth of CVS skincare products
Final Cost = $1.90 Money Maker!

-8.00 ECB from THIS TRANSACTION (still going on)

-1.50 ECB fall savings



  1. Did the CVS that you went to advertise on the shelf that they were $4.00 for the Dove Vitalizer or did you have to price check them?
    My CVS here in Spring TX. say's on the shelf that their still $12.99. Great job on your trip to CVS.

  2. Yes, it is advertised for $4 on the shelf at all the CVS in the Houston Galleria/Memorial area. Did you scan check it to see if it may be on sale and they had just not labeled it. They had just come off the truck when I got them and some CVSs do no post all their sales which is a bit irritating. I do know stores vary sometimes in prices and sales though.

  3. what does it mean when you said $5/$25 cvs crt?
    and is that a cvs promotion just this week?

    thanks for all you do,

  4. What that means is when you walk into CVS there is a price checker/coupon scan machine right by the door. When you scan your CVS card it will print out coupons. Today it printed out a $5 off $25 purchase coupon. I scanned it a second time and it printed off the $2 off $10 of CVS products purchase. ALWAYS scan your CVS card before you start shopping to see if any hidden SAVINGS pop out!

  5. southwest coupon clipperApril 22, 2009 at 7:34 AM

    In Addition, CRT coupons are also printed at the end of your receipt. In that aspect, they are similar to ECBs, however, CRT coupons are for specific products and are not "earned" like ECB. Keep in mind that since they are CVS coupons, you can combine them with a manufacturer coupon. These coupons are randomly generated according to your profile.

  6. How does the crt below work if the items were on sale for .55 each and they dont add up to $10. Is it based on their original price?

    CVS Essential Glow Moisturizers - originally $5.49 on sale for .55/each and the -$2 CVS CRT off $10 worth of CVS skincare products.

  7. Yes, it goes off the value of the original price

  8. Also, I did not know if it would apply to original price (usually does) and asked the cashier and her response was, "let's see, she scanned the coupon and said, "yes, it does" It usually applies to original cost because it state $10 WORTH off such and such. So it made it a money maker. Hope that helps

  9. Hi,
    How are you printing so many coupons? Most of the time, I'm not able to print more than two coupons. Also, almost all the shops are not accepting if I buy two RR products. Please let me know

  10. Aathiri, I use my husband's computer to print also and backspace twice. I'm a little confused on your RR question, could you be more specific on the RR question