Friday, April 3, 2009

FREE PRINTING PAPER and Money Maker!!!

WE were DESPERATELY in need of paper!! So I got 8 Reams of PAPER for FREE after REBATE and a little extra money kicker on store card! Love it when you read a FREE deal, go to the store, buy it, get the discount coupon, go home log on and enter rebate # on website and also get 10% back on your staples card!! It took about 20 minutes for the entire round trip and computer entry. The employees at STAPLES were so polite. I asked if they knew the paper I was talking about and they said yes, went in the back and brought me out 8 reams. I signed up for my Staples card while he was loading the paper and the cashier applied a $10 off $50 coupon for the purchase that he had at the counter. He politely said, "you will recieve 10% of your purchase in staples rewards and a rebate form has printed out for you with your reciept or you can go on-line and enter the information there". SO NICE!!!!!!!!! Click HERE to see full details of how you too can get FREE priniting paper at Staples!

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