Thursday, April 23, 2009

How NUTTY is this? FREE Cashews at CVS!!

Free Gold Emblem Nuts at CVS!

****UPDATE***** I did have a filler item for the .02 overage.
You can get these nuts at CVS for FREE. Scan your CVS card when you walk in at the price checker and it will spit out a coupon for $2 off any Gold Emblem Nuts. These were located next to the register and with the coupon they are FREE. I bought a coke to pick up the extra 2 cents. Love Cashews especially when they are FREE.


  1. Do coupons print everyday? I just got my card and iv used it twice and still havnt recieved coupons. Do you think it takes a while to build up coupons?

  2. You mean your CVS card? It should print out 1 to 2 coupons when you scan it at the price checker located usually near the center aisle. Are you scanning it there when you are at the store or just at the cashier?

  3. i scan it at both places