Thursday, April 23, 2009

Starbucks Milk Chocolate FREE at CVS! SWEET DEAL!!

Saved $47.84


First, As ALWAYS, scan your CVS card when you walk in at the price scanner machine located near the center aisle to see what coupons you get for the day! Also make sure you scan your CVS card at checkout to get CVS sales prices

16 Starbuck Milk Chocolate - 2.99 each - on sale for .75
-12 $1.00/1 MQ from 4/19 SS
Final Cost = FREE.............SWEET!!!!

Okay, so why is a $3 chocolate bar on sale for .75? Well, the milk chocolate is about to expire soon. So my plan is to freeze them! What a great crumbled up topping to go with my FREE cashews from HERE crumbled up on top of a Big Bowl of Blue Bell Ice Cream!!

These are not marked on sale and are not located near the chocolate section. They are in their own area where all the "Designer Chocolates" are on an endcap. The Dark Chocolate were still regular priced. SO make sure you check at the price scanner machine to see if they have been reduced at your CVS before you head to the cashier. The milk chocolates were the only ones on sale here in Houston.

If you do not have more than 1 coupon to get the deal the machine will beep because the coupon is more than the product sale. The cashier will adjust the coupon to the amount of product price sold.

Thanks couponcravings


  1. Question:;

    How do you acquire so many Qs? I know you have said before you can buy them online. How do you know which to buy.

  2. I have only bought once off ebay for a very high dollar coupon $5/1 and it was mulitple Qs for that purchase. I have alot of Qs through friends and family. My mother in law has a bridge group and they give them theirs to give to me. I would ask, neighbors, work, friends and family. You would be amazed at how many people want to unload their newspaper on you once they have read it. As for internet coupon services. I have read alot of posts that recommend service like Coupon Clippers/ Coupons by DeDe? but I can't comment on any of these services since I have not used them personally. Also, the .99 store is a good $5 investment (5 sunday papers) if it saves you $400 down the road. You can just do a quick scan and see if the coupons inside are for products you use, need or want.

  3. did you have to use a filler item on this purchase & the nut deal at CVS this week to get the deal?

  4. The starbucks deal did not need a filler because the amount of the coupons were exactly the amount of the product. And yes, the nuts had a filler (coke). I will update to let others know.