Thursday, April 23, 2009

Target Quick Trip 4-23

Spent .78
Saved $4.25

I recieved a comment about a problem with Target and them accepting MQ coupons so since I had not done a Target run this week, I thought I would give myself about 5 minutes to get in and out and see what I came out with from just the FREE deals I posted HERE. Here is what I figured out and got. On a quick note: my cashier was extremely polite and helpful, had no problems with coupons and even said, "I wish I could get that deal" so I handed him my business card from HERE! Thank you to all the polite and COUPON FRIENDLY cashiers!!! You make shopping much easier, QUICKER and cost efficient!

Dove Deodorant -.97 - Trial size (The larger Dove was not on sale for $2 like in other regions)
- $1.25 MQ from 3/15 RP
Final cost = FREE + a .28 moneymaker
(part of Unilever ham/turkey deal posted in next post)

Market Pantry Fruit Snacks Large Box - 1.52 (did not see any small boxes and did not have time)
-$1 Target coupon
Final cost = .52

Johnson's Soap Buddies - $1
-$1/1 coupon from here
Final cost = FREE plus forgot to stack with target coupon for moneymaker b/c in rush for school pick up, otherwise would have been .75 money maker and entire purchase would have been $.03

Axe shower gel (travel size) .97 (part of Unilever Free ham/turkey deal- see next post)
-$1 coupon from the 4/5 Unilever
Final cost = FREE plus .03 moneymaker! (will be back tomorrow to get as many as I can, my brother told me he loves it and will give him it as a surprise!)
The Dry Idea is still on sale for $2 and with $2 coupon from HERE it would be FREE. Unfortunately, I have already printed off my limit of 2.

Unfortunately there was another $1 Target coupon and I can't remember if it was for the Johnson Buddy soap or dove, but I think JBS because i think the dove had a limit on the size.

Let me know what you found


  1. A Target cashier (Main/Kirby) would not take my manufacture coupon, along with a Target coupon. There were 3 people behind me so I said forget it- but I spent a lot of time figuring out how to do this coupon thing so I was so bummed not to see my deals work out!

  2. Hi! I am SO SORRY that you had a horrible coupon experience. It is so discouraging, especially if you are just starting out to have a negative experience. Please do not let it discourage you. I had a couple episodes in the beginning and completely understand your frustration. I have been overwhelmed with things lately, but will try to contact guest relations at Target as soon as possible to get you an accurate response, but after reviewing other posts and from my personal experience when accepting coupons, it is my understanding that Target follows the following guidelines:

    Target accepts two kinds of coupons: Target-issued and manufacturer-issued.
    They will accept one Target coupon and one manufacturer coupon for the same item, unless either coupon prohibits it.
    They can not give cash back if the face value of a coupon is greater than the purchase value of the item; in this case, they should adjust the value of the coupon to equal the price of the item. (OR sometimes if you have a filler item to absorb the overage both coupons are accepted)
    They can not accept coupons from other retailers, or coupons for products not carried in their stores.
    All valid coupons should be presented to the cashier while you’re checking out.
    If you still have questions, please call Guest Relations team at (800) 440-0680."

    I hope this helps.

  3. Okay, I'm really confussed. You say money maker, but you state that they can't give back the cash difference. How does the filter item help in making up for the difference when it's not related to the coupon overage item?
    I can understand the former post on the frustration & not getting the coupon deal after working so hard. I had a experience about 3 weeks ago at Randalls where things went kind of crazy and I knew that the deal would not be good and cost me too I just said forget it and walked out after all the items had been rang up. I was mad and a little embassed about the situation, but I was not going to loose money on the deal.


  4. I'm so sorry for the confusion Cristine. You will have cashiers who take the coupons and have no problem with the overage (money maker) as long it applies toward another item that is not FREE or has no overage (example: milk, bread, candy, etc...) They will not give you back actual money, but the overage can be applied toward another needed item (which then makes it a money maker toward that product) or inexpensive filler to pick up the overage so the register does not read negative. If the cashier is a stickler, they just need to adjust the price to the coupon value - still making that item FREE. I am so sorry you are having these negative experiences. I am really trying to explain as best I can. It takes a while for me to post and respond to each question and I can't fully read my comment sections until after they are posted. I am really trying to find a place to do a seminar. Just stand your ground and don't be hesistant to tell them that they need to adjust the coupon down. They are not losing money! They turn in the coupons to the manufacturer and get refunded FULL value. Hopefully, this makes sense now.

  5. Okay, I went to Target again today and had a really bad experience. I want you to know that I do appreciate all your hard work and efforts in reading and replying to all our post and questions with your busy schedule.

    But I thought you might like to know the situation that went down today at the Target on HWY 249&Jones Rd. I tried to use the JJ buddies soap and the AXE shower gel coupons. The cashier told me that I could not use the coupon on both of the items because the coupon was more then the product. I then said that she could adjust the price down. She said she could not do it. I then asked for a supervisor. The supervisor also said no to the coupon/adjustment. She then went on to say that they really had to watch coupons because of all the fraud that has been going on. At this point, another customer had walked up behind me. Feeling pressured I just told her to take off the items. While the cashier was removing the items, I asked the supervisor who was still standing there, what kind of fraud had been going on with the coupons. I was thinking maybe she was going to tell me that people were making copies from their newspaper ads. She said they have had problems with people coming in and buy like 7 or 8 items and using valid manufacture coupons on all the items. She then said "where are they getting all these coupons from? They must be stealing them or something." I then proceeded to tell her that people buy extra newspapers at the 99 cent store to save money. She said well, we are only letting people use one coupon per the same item. I felt ashamed at this point because I could tell the people behind me were listening. So I did say that I would have to print out their coupon info and bring it in with me next time. Before leaving the counter I did say that I would get to the bottom of this. So I left with a few items that I was able to purchase with the coupons that I had left.

    I went straight to CVS scanned my CVS card and got the Gold Emblem coupon. I bought my two packges of bridge mix and the two JJ Buddies soap and walked out only paying 60 cents. I told the lady behind the counter that I just love CVS because they make it so easy to save money. Anyway, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

    I was so dumbfounded when I left Target I wanted to call you on the phone and tell you how redicoulous Target was being. I mean "FRAUD" give me a break. You are right, they are not out any money and there is no crime being comited. I don't know what the deal is.

    It will be interesting to see what you think of all of this.


  6. Cristine-
    Very interesting comment. I have not had this experience and do not want you to have it either. I called guest relations at 800-440-0680 to discuss their coupon policy but they were closed due to the weekend. I will let you know what they say next week.
    So sorry you are having such horrible experiences with coupons. We'll figure it all out.

  7. Okay, Cristine -
    I just got off the phone with Guest Relations who just apologized over and over and said that you were very misinformed about multiple coupons for same product purchases. They have put in a formal complaint against the store and said that they would be sending me an email with their coupon policy. I would try another location or have the guest relations phone number on hand if you have another problem.