Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Target Savings with No Clipping Necessary!!

Okay, so you're at Target and your ready to get your FREEBIES and savings when all of a sudden you realize...........oops, I forgot to print off my Target coupons. Bummer!... But wait a second... ThriftyMama tells us that all you need to do is look for the Target Registry Kiosks at the front of your store or by customer service and you will be back in Savings Business!!!
At the registry simply:
  1. Select “Go To Target.com"
  2. Select "Click on Coupons"
  3. Select "Print Your Coupons!"

They print out right then and there!! It's that simple and how cool is that?!?! But make sure to see if there are any coupon match ups that you can stack with your Target coupons HERE this week!

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