Monday, April 13, 2009

Walgreens Register Rewards

This is a comment I received from my posting HERE on Walgreens Register Rewards and a listing of this week's Register Rewards are HERE. I was going to post it in the comment section and then realized that there was too much to say and that alot of others may be wondering the same thing.

"could you explain exactly what a register reward is at Walgreens? Thanks, Heidi"
Hi Heidi! No Problem. Here is a quick overview........................

Walgreens Register Reward is an instant rebate program run by Walgreens. Unlike the EasySaver program, which is for mail-in rebates, you will receive Register Rewards instantly at check out when you buy (wyb) items that qualify for Register Rewards which are marked in the weekly sales flier or around the store. When you go to Walgreens and buy an item that is eligible for a Register Reward, once you pay and check out there is another machine located next to the cash register called a Catalina see picture above and it will print out a coupon that is good for a certain amount off a future order or your next transaction (you will start to love the sound it makes once you get the hang of register rewards - it's money music to your ears).

For example, Edge Shave gel is $2.99 but it also this month comes with a $3 Register Reward. So if you go to Walgreens and buy Edge shave gel for $2.99 and pay at the register, your receipt will print out, as well as a Register Rewards coupon from the catalina that is good for $3. Then you can redeem that $3 coupon on a future order or your next transaction. There are a few restrictions, like you can't use Register Rewards to pay for tobacco or alcohol. Register Rewards coupons also EXPIRE usually a week later from issue date. But other than that, they can be a great way to save.

You have to owe more than the amount your RR is worth. For example you can not buy an item that costs $2.99 and use the $3 RR unless you have a "filler item" like a .25 item or candy bar.

Also, you cannot buy two of the same product offering RRs and expect two RRs to print off and you can not use a RR from one product purchase to purchase an identical product and get another RR. For example, you can not buy the Edge Shave gel for $2.99, receive the $3 RR and then turn around and buy another Edge Shave gel and expect to receive another $3 RR. If you use a RR, the Register Reward will not print out on same MANUFACTURER purchases.

You must buy a product that you have NO coupon for each Register Reward you use or the register will beep. If you have a coupon for every item in your order, whether they are manufacturer or store coupons, you will need to buy a 'filler item' a candy bar or .25 item so the RR has something to attach itself to.

Example: If you are buying 3 items in one order, you will need a filler item if all three items have a coupon being used during the purchase. The RR is considered a coupon and needs a 4th item to be associated with.
For a list of this weeks RRs click HERE
This was a quick summary, but I hope it answered your question. Let me know if there is any other questions you have and I will try to help.


  1. Super! You explained it very well and I totally understand now! Thank you,