Thursday, May 14, 2009

500 Calling Cards for Only $1.99!!!!!!!!

Recently I posted HERE how I used Vista Print and got 500 Southwest Coupon Clipper business cards for just $1.99 plus shipping and how much I LOVE how they turned out. Well, now check out how you can get 500 Calling Cards for $1.99! See some of the examples below....

I take my daughter and son to birthday parties it seems like every other day. I was given tons of calling cards for them when they were born from friends and family and now of course, they are no where to be found after we moved. I am always looking for something to stick to their bags that say Happy Birthday, Your Friend or Christmas Tags saying , "The McAdams Family" and then I thought Hey, wait a minute I can edit a business card and make it into a calling card! I clicked HERE, did some editing and Viola! Just what I wanted for only $1.99 plus shipping. Remember, you could also do a generic card (The McAdams Family) for holidays and special occasions. Get yours now by clicking HERE or the picture below to get this great deal you can't beat - 500 "Business/Calling Cards" = $1.99 plus shipping ($6.15 for me).

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