Friday, May 8, 2009

Bath & Body Works for Mom!!!!!

Spent $67
Saved $226

Looks like Mother's Day is covered for MOM and my Mother-In-Law. Just got these gifts for $32/each. How?

Green Baskets $35 on sale for $21/each
- $10 off ANY $30 purchase coupon
Final Cost on green baskets = $16/each
(there were a lot more larger items that were on sale I just really like this particular product)

Plus starting today, May 8th, you purchase the V.I.P. Tote Works spring bag with 8 great items inside for only $15 with any $40 purchase while supplies last. (originally costs $114!) that is a savings of $99 per bag!!

thanks hip2save for the heads up!


  1. man... i just went to spend 40 dollars yesterday and got to use the coupon... but i didn't know about the tote for today.. i would of waited!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. You could always return and repurchase. "Did I say that.....?"

  3. HaHaha! I would return and repurchase too!! No harm in that. Thanks for the heads up! I went and grabbed Mom some awesome stuff. The VIP tote has some amazing things in it!! I cant wait for her to try it! Thanks!!

  4. I did this, just like you (my hero). Person behind the counter was even impressed at the savings! Thank you, Thank you, you rock!