Friday, May 8, 2009

Walmart Deal and Info on Cashiers & Employees

Saved $9.53

Febreze Noticeables - regularly $10.37 on rollback - $4.84 (in Houston)
-$4/1 PG 5/3
Final Cost = .84

I received a comment in an earlier post regarding the Walmart Freebie on Febreze posted HERE and that when they checked their store in Pasadena it was not on rollback and was still priced at $6.23 so I decided to check it out in my area. I felt it was my duty as Southwest Coupon Clipper working hard to find savings for YOU!! When I arrived I walked straight back to the cleaning supply area located in the grocery section where 2 employees were stocking a display at the end of the aisle. I looked in the aisle and on endcaps for any rollback and still no Febreze so I went straight to the Febreze area and just like my reader said, No Sale, No Nothing, it was priced $6.23. What is up with that? So I asked the employees where their price checker was located on this side of the store since we all know that not every store clearly marks their sales items even though all stores can vary on prices. They went to where the product was located and said, "It's $6.23" I said, "I see that, but I think it might be on sale and just want to make sure so I just want to check it on one of the price scanners." The employees then looked at each other annoyed and then looked at me and said, "No, it's not on sale, it's $6.23. See there is no sales tag, it's $6.23" I said thank you politely and then proceeded to walk to the other side of the store where I knew a price checker was located at the end of one of the aisles and check for myself. Once I got there, I saw an extremely polite employee and asked, "Didn't a price checker use to located here?" She said, no it's the next aisle, but I think that is around $4 something." My eyes lit up and I said, "Over in the grocery section it says $6.23, but there is no sales tag." She then said, Oh no the one you're looking for is in the ATOMIC AISLE in the middle of Domestics. I loved her description of the ATOMIC AISLE where they have complete rollback all the way down. We walked to the end of the aisle and THERE IT WAS - Febreze Kits - a whole display - center aisle on Rollback from $10.37 to $4.84. I could not thank her enough for being so polite and helpful. I do not use this product and if it was FREE I would have bought more to donate, but I did buy one for this post. If you use this, what a great deal!! Good luck finding one and remember sometimes you might know a little more than some of the employees and sometimes they know more than you which can be extremely helpful and result in cost savings!


  1. So I just learned a lesson- don't throw coupons away, even if you think you won't use it. I didn't clip this one because I never thought I could get such a good deal on something! Wow!

  2. I went to my neighborhood walmart and found this marked at $6.23 but I scanned it at a near price checker and it was ringing up at $4.84 and this was where all the other air freshner products are. (the store was the Kuykendahl/2920 in spring TX) excited I got a good deal!

  3. I about kicked myself in the behind after I read this. I was just there today and did the same exact thing. I grabbed a handful and took them to the price checker. Not onsale it said. I just didnt ask for help. Thank you for looking into this. Im going back tonight.Im not sure what aisle or where it is but I will be asking this time.