Thursday, May 21, 2009

ITCHING for a REGISTER REWARD on Benadryl Deal at Walgreens!!

Spent $4.23
Saved $44.10
My daughter is EXTREMELY allergic to bug bites. One bite on her will look like a necessary trip to the emergency room so I was really excited when I found out that zoeysmom snagged this deal. It is part of the Buy $10 worth of participating products and receive a $4 Register Reward which I posted HERE.
7 Benedryl - $5.99/each on sale - $1.59/each = $11.13
-(7) $1/1 MQ from 04-26-09 RP or 05-17-09 RP
Final Cost = $4.13, plus Earn a $4 Register Reward
Final Cost for 7 after MQ and RR = $.13
Evercare Lint Roller Refill Sheets - $4.29 on sale - $1.09
-$1.00 MQ from HERE
Final Cost = $.09


  1. where do you live and what wags do you shop at? There is never anything on clearance at my stores!!! GRRR! You score!

  2. Hi Jilene-

    I got this deal at a walgreens on westheimer between Hillcroft and Fondren. Sorry I don't know what block it is.

    It is a hit or miss at all of the Walgreens. You never know if one ORANGE TAG sale or Clearance Item at one store will be available at the Walgreens down the street. They usually follow suit, but sometimes not.

    It is worth it to check out though because you will really snag some great savings. I walked into one Walgreens and EVERY ORANGE TAG sale item was sold out. It is just the luck of the shopper or the day sometimes. Where are you located?

  3. I am in Idaho. There are 4 walgreens within my reach and none of them ever have anything good on sale. It's not that they are sold out, there is never anything on an orange tag!
    What state are you in?

  4. Hi Jilene -
    I am located in Houston, Texas.