Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Walgreens Trip Score on Aveeno! 5-20

Spent $0.62
Less than a $1
Saved $34.89

My friend wanted to do the Aveeno deal currently going on right now at Walgreens that I posted HERE and so I wanted to show her and LOOK what we found...........................

3 Aveeno 12 0z. Skin Relief Moisturizing Lotion - $8.99 - orange tag sale - $2.19
-(2) $2 MQ from HERE plus
- MQ actually found inside the Aveeno Essential Kit that you are getting for FREE
Final Cost = .57 plus tax

Aveeno Essential Kit - $9.99 - on sale - $7.99
-$7.99 wyb 3 Aveeno products
Final Cost = FREE!


  1. GEZZZ...I can't keep up with all your clearance finds!! lol, great job!

  2. Which walgreens do you go to? I live in the spring area and I can never find the clearance stuff! By the time I get there all of its gone! Lucky you!!!

  3. How do you keep track of all of your coupons? what's your filing system? When you buy something from Walgreens for say $3 and you get a coupon with your receipt (I think it's called a RR?), do you ever return the item, then buy it again using the new coupon so that it's free...or is that unethical? I've done it before, but I went to a different store to make the return/repurchase...just wondering what your system is. Thanks for the website, I check it everyday!

  4. Anon 1 - I understand what you mean when you say it is all gone.....there are a lot of frugal shoppers out there looking for good deals and good for them. When I bought the Downy softner a woman behind me with no coupons asked is this a good deal? I told her, "Well, Yes actually it's a great deal for $1.39 and so she bought the rest. 5 @ $1.39 = 6.95. That's a GREAT DEAL!!! Today at 1 Walgreens I saw Tide on sale. I could not remember the size and it was not on sale at 4 other Walgreens, but it was a great deal at this particular Walgreens! That's why I check frequently and depend on my reader to tell me what great deals that you have discovered. It is definitely a hit or miss but eventually they all follow suit. Such a great question! I have been on the hunt and realized it varies per store (even a block away from each other!!!!) Once you see or read a deal it's best to jump on it and hope you catch it before someone else does. Let me know what your success and frustrations are so we all can help one another SAVE SAVE SAVE!

  5. Anon 2 - To answer your question, "No", I have never returned an item that earned me a Register Reward. I do believe that is unethical. Coupons are a benefit, not to be expected or exploited. If everyone got RRs and then returned the product, I do believe the current rewards system would break down. Now this is just my interpretation and opinion. You asked me what I practice and my system and I am quite the rule follower. Eventually, if manufacturers feel that their current perks are being taken advantage of they will penalize and adjust accordingly. So beware, a quick benefit may lead to a future downfall FOR ALL.

    On another note - my filing system - I DO NOT CUT COUPONS EVERY SUNDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! This is what works for me and does not work for others. It is so personal what system works best for your personality. I personally file every sunday insert under a weekly filing system for instance, .....5/17 SS means the Smart Source insert from the May 17th Sunday Paper. I have an abnormal memory of numbers and coupons to current deals and I use Hot Coupon World to do match ups! Hope that answered your question

  6. I did the Aveeno deal too - 3 lotions and the travel kit for $.47 OOP (used $5.00/2 and $2.00 coupons)Score! I love love love the lotion in the small tubes!

  7. where do you find all the clearance deals? are they in a clearance section or are they with the regular stuff? i can never find any good deals. darn... but good for you.

  8. There is a clearance section but all of the deals this week are ORANGE tag sales in the regular aisles. It varies at every store, but they usually follow suit eventually. Keep your eyes open, you will eventually see the orange tags and will experience the same savings. Don't give up, it will pay off BIG!!