Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Stacking Target Coupons with Manufacturer Coupons and Adjusting Down the Price

Recently, I visited a Super Target in Sugarland when I went out to visit my mom. I had all my coupons in hand and freebie items in my basket. (which included the infamous Bliss candy bar and banana boat sunscreen) Immediately, the cashier made it clear she was not coupon friendly. She then proceeded to tell me that

  1. She could not adjust down the price of the coupon to the sales price
  2. That I could not stack a Target coupon with a manufacturer's coupon
  3. Finally, an oldie but a goodie, that I could use multiple coupons by the same manufacturer because it clearly says "one per purchase" and the picture on the coupon doesn't match the item I purchased.

I remained calm and asked her to please call her manager. He was nearby and came over immediately. I did not say a word as I listened to her tell him how I was "TRYING" to use these coupons and how she had "ALREADY" told me that I can't use them and the reasons why. She then said to him, "She is TRYING to get all of this for FREE and not pay anything." He calmly asked her to move to the side and said, "Let me see what we got here." He then looked at her puzzled and said everything that I was "TRYING" to use a coupon on is accounted for so what is the issue? She then said once again, "The coupon is more than the item and so she is trying to get it for FREE and use our coupon with another coupon to get it FREE!" He then politely told her, well we can't give her money back, but you can adjust the price down to the sales price and then explained to her that one per purchase means one per item and that the picture does not need to match the item just the description of what the coupon is being applied toward needs to match and that, yes, I can stack coupons. He then looked at me and said, "So Sorry about the inconvenience. WOO HOO!! I didn't even have to say a word! So it's over, Right? Absolutely not!!!! Now we proceed into the irritated cashier who is in DENIAL about the whole thing. I spent the next 3 minutes with her complaining to the cashier next to her, telling her that her manager was wrong and that this was illegal. Then the other cashier stopped what she was doing to come over and look at my items and the coupons and agreed ,"No, she can't use that Bliss candy bar coupon. It doesn't match the picture. He (their manager) is WRONG! You can't do that Ma'am. I wouldn't do it if I were you (talking to the other cashier)" Then they talked back and forth how these people come in here with their coupons and try to use them on things they can't" There are 30 check out lanes at Super Target and I happen to get the FRIC and FRAC of I hate coupons and doing my job by taking 1 minute to adjust down the price like my MANAGER ASKED ME TO DO!" Once my transaction was done, my cashier said to the other cashier, "See, she didn't pay anything, she got it all for FREE!" The other cashier then replied, "That's not right, he (her manager) is WRONG"

I said, "thank you" and walked off with my bags. It doesn't bother me when I have a cashier who acts like that, but then I started thinking about all my SWCC readers that follow my blog and the newbies and others who want to snag some FREE items and end up having the "drama" experience I just did. The exit doors opened and I turned right back around, went to the cashier that just checked me out and asked her to call her manager to the front for me please. As luck has it not only did he come to the front, but so did the other store managers because they were having a meeting at that time. I explained to them what just happened, what was said about me and how another cashier stopped checking out their customer to give their opinion on the situation and his direction and instructions. I then asked to verify that what I did was allowed. ALL OF THE MANAGERS AGREED STRONGLY THAT:

  1. Yes, Target does ADJUST DOWN the coupon price to the sales price
  2. Yes, you CAN STACK a Target coupon with a manufacturer's coupon
  3. Yes, one per purchase means one per item
  4. Yes, the DESCRIPTION of the coupon (not picture) needs to match the purchase item

I did let them know that I did a coupon match up and savings blog and a lot of my readers seemed to be having issues like this with coupons and were becoming very discouraged to the point of giving up on Target all together. They were extremely apologetic and said that it would not happen again and would handle the situation.

Sometimes a squeaky wheel does get the oil. Hopefully in the future, if some of you shop at the Sugarland Target you will have a pleasant coupon experience since their managers understand their coupon policy.

So right now, STACK AWAY and STOCK UP!!
Kraft Mayonnaise, $1.99
-$1/1 Target web coupon stacked with
$1/1 printable coupon
Final Cost = FREE


  1. I can feel your pain. That is the store I am closest too during the work week and just about the whole cashier staff is as you described these two. I have all but given up on that Target and now save those deals for the weekends when I can hit any OTHER Target in town.

  2. How I love this post! I had a terrible experience this past weekend at Target. I spent over an hour in the store matching my coupons and doing everything correct. My first coupon was for the free Cascade and the young teenage boy did not know what to do with this. He in turn called his every so rude manager over. She was not happy that I had a stack of coupons. She would not let me use target coupons with manufacturer coupons and said that I could only use 1 target coupon per entire transaction ~ meaning she wanted me to complete the entire sale, pay, leave and come back in the store in order to use another target coupon. Can you believe this? I tried to explain to her that was not what the coupon meant....she was not having it any other way and did not care! I was so upset, I just asked to void my entire transaction and give my coupons back. The manager said "Gladly". Can you believe this? I wanted to call and report her but I did not know what to do.

  3. oh my gosh, how rude!!! hopefully the managers talk to those two cashiers! good for you for not just walking out and calling the manager up again!

  4. I am SO proud of you! You did nothing wrong and none of us should have to put up/listen to "bad attitude"!! Thanks for all you do. I, for one, appreciate your efforts!!

  5. Thank you so much for this! As luck would have it, I just got home from the Wal Greens on Holcombe from quite an ordeal, too. It started with my request to have an item scanned, since none of the Colgate's and another medication I had were priced with ticket & wanted to double check before I checked out with my 2 coupons I had with me. And oh boy did that simple request open up a whole jar! She started borderline yelling at me about it's not her job to keep up with register rewards and so on. She told me to go look it up myself and walked off from the counter. I was stunned and so embarrassed! I replied I wasn’t asking about RR or even coupons, only wanted to get a quick scan of the item and that she was causing a scene and embarrassing me in front of others (b/c I asked for a price scan). A manager heard all this commotion (from her, not me!) and walked over. Long story short, she told the cashier to quiet down and she was sorry but would help me find the one item that was not labeled. By then, I said thank you, but not thank you—my insides were shaking and just wanted to leave.  I left there thinking it is not worth the hassle and drama. Interesting note about that location-I have been in there before and witnessed another cashier argue with a customer to the point that they were BOTH shouting! It was awful and a couple of ladies and myself put our cosmetics back and left. Sorry for the long post, but your post helped me feel better after mine! ~dt

  6. Good for you! I hope those two cashiers get something put in their files about their lack of decent customer service. talking as if you werent even there...omg I work in retail and that wouldnt fly with my employees!! I'm pround of you for sticking up with us who work hard to save money for our families!!

  7. I'm glad you were able to get it straightened out. I was just in that store last week with a couple of coupon buddies and we had the same problems. However it was right before closing and no manager was available. Had to deal with the cashier supervisor and she obviously didn't know the coupon policy. I hope next time I go in there it's better.

    Also I was told that store only allows one like coupon. Did you experience that?

  8. Wow! Thanks for the post! I live near that Target and have had the cashier speak down to me about the coupons and just make me feel like I was the bad one. Since then I have gone out of my way to use a different Target and I get looks but never any problems (so far). Thanks again for letting us know we are not the only ones.

  9. I'm so glad you set them straight. I'm so tired of the checkers being PITA'S about the coupons.

    Way to go girly.


  10. just wanted to share. I just tried the mayo deal at Target on 529 and hwy6, the cahsier was going sooo fast, and i handed her my coupons she rang those up just as quickly, and since they all were $1 the display never changed. long story short only the target coupon not the manufac. coupon scanned, by the time i realized it was too late. lesson learned tell them to slooww down. thanks for everyones great tips and deals