Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Walgreen's Trip = $200 Worth of FREE MAKEUP!!!!!!!!!!!!

Spent $.58
(Less than a Dollar!)
Saved $199.14

Wow!!! What a score at Walgreens I got TODAY!!!! I walked in to get some more Downy on sale and when I passed the cosmetics counter I asked the cashier, "Do you have any manufacturer coupon tear pads behind the counter?" and boy, oh boy did she! She pulled out a clear plastic container FILLED with them and in the back I could see a BRIGHT PINK coupon I recognized from THIS POST HERE!!! I asked her if I could have one of the $5 off Physician's Formula bronzer coupons and she said, "Here, you can have ALL of them!" I took half and got these FREEBIES!!!!

14 Physician Formula Bronzers - ranging from $12.99-$14.99 each on sale for $3.29-$3.79
-(14) $5.00 MQ from cosmetic counter tear pad (adjusted down to sales price)

2 Angel Soft 4 pk.- on sale for .47
-(2) .50/1 MQ from 04-19-09 RP
Final Cost = FREE!

2 Downy Softner Ultra Mountain - $5.49 on sale - $1.39
- $1/1 MQ from PG Year of Savings Booklet
Final Cost = $.39/each!

IF you have any issues regarding the adjusting down just tell them that you called 1-800-Walgreens and Corporate Customer Service said no problem, all the cashier needs to do is adjust down. IF you STILL have an issue, then remain calm, tell them that you understand, but that you will call 1-800-Walgreens Corporate Customer Service to explain the situation and verify. Some cashiers and managers know their coupon policy and then there are some that do not fully understand their coupon policy. No big deal if they don't, it's just a quick phone call.

On another note..... My friend asked me, "What are you going to do with all that Bronzer?"

Well, last year I was driving down Westheimer (a major road in Houston), I was at the corner of Westheimer and Montrose Blvd., it was pouring down rain and I watched in horror as a mother drug her crying pregnant 17 yr. old daughter and 18 month baby out of the car, yelling, "I can't deal with this anymore!" She then threw 2 garbage bags out of her car and took off!

I picked the little girl up and asked her to let me help her. As her baby's mouth was quivering from the cold rain and she held her tightly to try and warm her, she asked me if I could drive her to a shelter. There was a nearby shelter less than a mile away. She proceeded to tell me that her parents were alcoholics and drug users and took all her money that she had earned working at Abercrombie and that she was afraid of leaving her baby with them while she worked.

The shelter was open and had availability for the little girl and her baby. So, I am donating the makeup, panty hose and toiletries to this particular shelter for women trying to create a better life for themselves, but needing a little and sometimes a lot of assistance in today's world.


  1. WOW you scored BIG TIME!!! Way to go girl!

  2. Awesome score. However your donations to the center is truly AWESOME! Good looking out. TFS