Wednesday, June 3, 2009

FREE Diabetes & Heart Disease Patient Assistance/Programs/Products

Before I became a stay at home mom, I was a diabetic and cardiovascular representative for one of the largest pharmaceutical companies in the world. I saw on a daily basis what the effects Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes can have on patients. Unfortunately, uncontrolled diabetes can be life altering and devastating: Patients with uncontrolled diabetes experience damage to their eyes, kidney, nerves, and blood vessels. Diabetics are also at a higher risk of stroke and heart attack. Unfortunately, all of these can lead to kidney failure, amputations, blindness and even death.

My mother and other close relatives suffer from diabetes. The cost per month is staggering. One diabetic medication can cost as much as $100/month. In addition, most diabetics take more than one diabetic medication and additional meds such as cholesterol or blood pressure costing them as much as $100 per month, if not more! Our great uncle, Dub who is a retired reverend with no pharmaceutical coverage, spends $500/month to control his diabetes and heart disease.

Type 2 Diabetes can be delayed or avoided altogether though, through careful blood sugar control. Studies show that exercise and diet alone can help lower blood sugar levels which also lowers treatment costs for Type 2 diabetics. Below are some FREE and discounted items I think would be helpful for Diabetics because I know how much any little thing can help financially in a diabetics life. These are no brainers for helping you or your loved one control their diabetes!

Free Diabetes Meal Planner - Sign up to receive Free information and meal plan guide to learn how to manage blood sugar.

Diabetic Socks - Free Sample - Free Sample of Ultra Comfort High-Performance Medical-Grade Socks. (There is a $4.77 s&h fee.)

Crestor 360 - The CRESTOR 360° Program is designed to help you manage your cholesterol with helpful information about diet, exercise, and living a healthy lifestyle. Sign up for a Free Take Action Kit.

Slim Fast Weight Loss Program - Start your free weight-loss program today!

Quality Health - Healthy Summer Samples - Join Quality Health and start receiving free healthy product samples today.

AMA - Voice for the Uninsured - Register and tell Congress that it is time to take action regarding Health Insurance.


  1. me again! any ideas on whether or not texas stores are participating in kmarts doubling days next week? they will double up to $2 in manufacturer coupons!!! AMAZING!

  2. i assume yes, but Kmart pulled out of Houston so I do not know. Funny you asked, I am going to start linking to Kmart sites even though they are not here in Houston because I know they have great deals, especially the double coupon days. I would just call and check with your local KMART. Unfortunately, we do not have any near me.

  3. Since i just read your post i found this walgreens coupon for a free Contour Meter with purchase of Countour test strips. Expires 6/30/09.